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Q: English batsman who scored 200 runs in a test and did not play in the next test?
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Is it out if a batsman holds the ball with his hand during the play?

Of course yes. Without seeing the ball, the batsman cannot hit it with his bat and score runs for his team. The longer a batsman stays on the pitch, his visibility of the cricket ball improves.

What is a cricket extra?

a run conceded without being hit by a batsman. i.e either by a) a wide ball b) a no ball ( bowlers end) c) a no ball (above batsman waist high) d) deflected through the pad

In cricket what is a court?

You may be thinking of being caught. If a fielder catches the ball after it has been hit by the batsman from a valid ball, within the field of play and before it hits the ground then the batsman is out - caught.

Why are most soccer goals scored from corner kicks?

They aren't, most are scored from open play.

If a batsman hits the ball into the helmet behind the wicket keeper are the runs credited to the batsman?

Not out. See Law 32.3e (a fair catch). If the ball hits a fielder's protective helmet this is not a fair catch and the batsman is not out, although the ball remains in play. MCC Laws of cricket:,58,AR.html However, if the helmet was on the ground and not his head, then the fielding team is penalised 5 runs and the ball is declared dead - he is not out.

What bat is sangakkara using?

Sangakkara is a classical player. He is the best batsman for srilanka. He is using a ss bat for play.

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What is the most points that can be scored in one football play?

6 ... the play is called a touchdown.

Did Wilt ever play a game in which he never scored a point?


Who scored the first run in interleague play?

Damon Buford

Who scored the goal for Spain in final play?

Andres Iniesta

How many goals has Rooney scored scines the world cup?

Rooney has scored two goals, both were from penalties, he last scored a goal from open play in the month of march.