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High. The Scrum half has to be up with play at all times and links the continual moving forwards to the back section who line up at break downs for the next phase.

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Q: Energy requirments needed for a scrum half?
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What is an acting scrum-half?

An acting scrum-half is a rugby player who temporarily acts as the scrum-half, due to the regular scrum-half's unavailability, due to injury or sin-binning.

Which side do you feed a rugby scrum?

you feed from the left of the team that the scrum is awarded i should know i am a scrum half

Who played scrum half for Springboks in 1980?

Divan Serfontein

What is a box in rugby?

Its a Box Kick - often performed by the scrum half who will kick over the top of his/her scrum, maul for position and attackers to chase

Who was England rugby's first fly half?

The 1st England scrum half was Josh Young

What position does Piri Weepu play for the All blacks?


What are two positions in a rugby team?

Prop forward Scrum half

Who is the second best scrum half in the world?

Conor Murray (Ireland)

What are the positions in sevens?

Three forwards: Prop, Hooker, Prop. They will form the three man scrum. Four Backs: Scrum Half, Fly Half, Centre, Winger, Winger. Wingers also act as Fullback.

What do you think is the main role of the scrum-half?

link between the forwards and the backs.

Who are some famous female rugby players?

Amy Day - Scrum half

What is a scrum-half?

in rugby union the scrum half is the one who passes out of the back of the scrum and rucks and mauls. they can pass the ball very long distances and are usually quite small. to be honest i dont really know as i am a prop so this is a general description. feel free to change this answer(i'm sure you were going to anyway)