Emmit smith career yards

Updated: 9/14/2023
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18,355 yards on 4,409 carries

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Q: Emmit smith career yards
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Who ran more than 18000 yards in his 15 year career?


What year did emmit smith make his most rushing yards?

During his NFL career, that was 1995 when he rushed for 1,773 yards.

In what game did emmit smith set his career high in rush yards?

On 10/31/93 @ Philadelphia

On October 27th 2002 who broke Walter Payton's record for career rushing yards?

emmit smith

How many yards did Emmit Smith have to run to beat Walter Payton's record?

16,727. Walter Payton ended his career with 16,726 yards rushing.

Who has the record for most rushing yards?

Emmit Smith

How many yards did emmit smith ran in his rookie season?

10000000000000 yards

Who has the most rushing yards of all time?

Emmit Smith

Who holds the record for rushing yards in the NFL?

Emmit Smith..18,355 yards..........loved the guy

What was the most yards Emmit Smith had in one game?

237 against the eagles

Who is the only running back in NFL history to carry the ball over 3 thousand times and average at least 5.0 yards per carry for his career?

Emmit Smith

Who rushed for the most yards all-time against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

emmit smith