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Q: Electrical wire should you use from meter loop to house for 200 ft run?
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Purpose of electrical drip loop?

You form a drip loop so water sheds off of the wire and doesn't run down somewhere it shouldn't such as a panel or meter socket.

A closed loop allowing movement of electrical charge?

An electrical circuit.

What type of loop is required for an electrical citric?

There is no such thing as an "electrical citric".

Where can one purchase a robin loop tester?

One can purchase a robin loop tester from Ebay. One can also purchase a robin loop tester from electrical shops or from electrical dealers which carry robin loop testers.

How do I use a clamp on amp meter?

Answer 1When electrical current flows through a wire [or any conductor[, it creates an electromagnetic field which the clamp on Amp meter is disigned to detect and quantify. The meter loop is hinged and movable in order to open the loop to allow the loop to be placed "around" a single conductor. It is important that the loop be placed around only one conductor as if there is more than one wire conducting, then the fields from multiple wires will interfere with the meters ability to operate.The meter will have a switch [usually rotary] to change scales, and unless you know the approximate current flowing through the circuit, you should first set the meter to the highest current scale setting, and then switch to lower current scales until the proper one is found.

What is loop length in knitted fabric?

According to grams per square meter loop length will differ

What is a loop of electrical conductors called?

Electric circuit

What is an electrical loop with only 1 circular path for electricity to flow?

It is a series electrical circuit.

How do you measure dc amps?

Amp measurement in a dc circuit is commonly done by use of a clamp on amp meter. The meter has a loop on one end that opens up. The loop is clamped around a wire, and the meter shows the amperage.

What is the closed loop called that lets the electrons move?

An electrical circuit.

Describe an electrical circuit?

A conductive substance arranged in a complete/closed loop.

Why does a generator work?

When a conductive loop is moved through a magnetic field, an electric current is produced in the wire loop. This is the basis of electrical generators.

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