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Charger will not charge batteries and will start at low charge then peak then drop then shut off?

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Q: Electrical schematic of golf cart and charger?
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Can you charge a 36 volt golf with a 48 volt golf cart charger?

Probably not

How many amps and volts does a 36 volt golf cart system pull when charging?

Wrong question, it depends on the charger, not the golf cart.

What causes a Yamaha golf cart 48v charger show abnormal cycle?

A Yamaha golf cart 48V charger might show abnormal cycle if the battery is getting worn out. It is possible that the charger is not getting enough juice to complete the charge,

Why doesn't golf cart charger work?

They have a fuse in them you may want to check that.

Is it right to charge the golf cart all the night?

Golf cart chargers are automatic and will shut off when the batteries are fully charged. Just connect the charger and forget it.

How do you make a homemade electrical toy car?

old golf cart

How do you know if your golf cart batteries are bad?

You can put them on a charger and see if they accept a charge. You can also use a battery tester (though you will need a tester large enough to handle golf cart batteries).

What is the history of electrical cars?

if the tag on my golf cart says B199 does that mean that it is a 1999

Where can you get a golf cart wiring?

You can buy a golf cart wiring in a golf shop.

How do you adjust the governor on a golf cart?

Depends on the type of cart. What type of golf cart do you have?

How often should you charge golf cart batteries?

Keep plugged into charger whenever not in use, until fully charged.

What is a golf cart input shaft?

Golf Cart Input Shafts are like parts of the golf cart that's need to be overhauled.

What is the size of a standard golf cart parking space?

Average dimensions of a golf cart are 4' W x 8' L x 6' H according to Golf Cart I found one schematic of a parking space online which was 9' W x 10' L. I'm sure you could get away with 8' W x 10' L.

What is a heat sink on a golf cart charger?

A part to help absorb heat and dissipate to the ait. It should be exposed to it and have cooling fins.

What is special about a golf cart?

you can drive a golf cart on the golf course so you don't need to walk :)

What is golf cart in spanish?

Carrito de golf

Why will 6v golf cart batteries not stay charged if they are new?

You said "stay charged if new" - Did you use the cart? If so that is kind of how the cart works - You use it and recharge it. You said new batteries - Have they gone through the "break in" period (about 100 charging cycles)? If you did not use the cart then are you using an automatic charger and how long does it take to "not stay charged" or for the charge to go away? If you did not use the cart then I suspect the automatic charger may kick on and off as it needs to (like once every 7-30 days). If the charger has been turning on and off daily then there is a problem. Is the charging handle (from charger) damaged? Is the charging plug (on golf cart) damaged? What is the brand, year, model, and type of golf cart (Example: E-Z-Go 1997 TXT Electric 36 volt)? What is the brand, model, and type of charger (Example: Powerwise II Automatic). Is the charging handle making good contact (Snap in) with the cart - Do you hear a click about one to three seconds after you snap it in? If you do, then that is the charger "shaking hands" with the golf cart and basically saying "I sure would like to charge you up if you want". The charger would then turn on with the above example cart/charger (E-Z-Go/Powerwise) REVIEW - I said "Snap" then "Click" and finally "Charger turns on" The whole process can take up to 2 -10 seconds. A damaged charging handle or cart plug may keep repeating the "clicking" and "charger on" thing. Is the drain caused by a short or bad battery? Battery: Use safety glasses, gloves, and a taped wrench (electrical tape wrapped over boxed half of wrench) to take off the negative and positive cable of the battery bank (search youtube video for help). Let the cart set overnight to see if the cart loses the charge. If it does then it may be a hard (or junk) battery & that will also cause an automatic charger to stay on high amps (needle in red zone on charger's meter) for a long time (over an hour) during charge. [This may high amp thing may also take place when breaking in a new set of batteries but not after two hours.] Short or drain: If the batteries retained the charge with the cables unhooked over night then it may be a short (drain on the batteries). The short must be corrected or you may also have a fire hazard! If you are not sure how to trace a short then get the cart to someone who can without plugging the cart to the charger.

What is golf cart in french?

golf cart = Voiturette Trolley = chariot

Is it legal to drive a golf cart in a golf cart community?

Why wouldn't It be legal? Yes

When was the first golf cart built?

the first golf cart was built in the 1940's.

What should compression be on a ezgo golf cart?

what should the compression be on a 2007 ezgo golf cart

What is the difference between a stand golf bag and a cart golf bag?

A standard bag is designed to be carried by a caddie,a cart bag is designed for use with a golf cart.

Where can a spare golf cart battery be bought?

Spare golf cart batteries can be bought from a number of specialist golf hardware providers both online and in a specialist golf store. You can also purchase them from specific golf cart dealers.

How much is a 1997 club car golf cart worth?

value of a 1997 golf cart

How do you get more power from EZ GO golf cart?

How do I get more distance out of my electric golf cart