Drag racing cars top speed

Updated: 12/14/2022
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probably something like 330 mph - around that area

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Q: Drag racing cars top speed
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What is that on top of drag racing cars hood?

Air Intakes or hood scoop

Where was racing invented?

ever since ancient times people had the need for speed. chariot races are about the beginning and top fuel drag racing is currently the fastest.

What are the top HPI racing cars?

The top HPI racing cars are remote-control cars. The top ones are the Baja 5B "Version 2" and the Blitz 2WD. The Savage is also a top HPI car. All of the HPI cars are high quality racing cars.

What is the name of the fastest class of drag racing?

Nhra, Top Fuel Eliminator.

How long has drag racing been around for?

It started in California on the beach. they moved to asphalt so they could go faster and get more traction. It started in about the late 20s or early 30s. The Sounthern California Timing Assoc started in 1947 and then the NHRA was founded in 1951. The first official drag race event was in 1953. It may have begun in southern California. The drag racing car can not be attributed to one individual. "Big Daddy" Don Garlits is considered the "father of modern racing."

Where can you find information about the history of Drag Racing?

Go to This question was asked to several top fuel drivers. They could not come up with a definitive answer. Some said that before there were cars people would have contests between horses to see how far they could drag a log. But they all agreed that drag racing as we know it today started in Southern California.

Who would win a lamborghini or a ferarri?

it would obviously be a drag car as it has a higher rate of acceleration and top speed. a drag car is built to perform on a drag strip where as a Ferrari is built to perform on a race track. this does not mean that a Ferrari is inferior to a drag car as you can race a Ferrari on a drag strip but it is impossible to race a drag car on a racing track

What is the top speed in Honda Odyssey cars?

"According to research, the top speed in Honda Odyssey cars is 119 miles per hour."

Meaning of topspeed to racing post?

TOP SPEED is a speed rating of a horse for its previous races.

What is top speed racing on a snowboard?

Who cares !! Snowboarding is a waste of time

Drag car top speed?

336 mph by Tony Schumacher

What is the top speed of Dodge Ram srt10?

Car and driver found the SRT10 Ram has a (drag limited)top speed of 147mph.