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the nba 09 fer PC has been cancelled by the nba live production company

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 01:57:36
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Q: Download NBA 09 PC
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EA announced that NBA LIVE 09 won't came out for PC... :(

Nba 2k10 free download for PC?

i well download nba2k10 . com

Can NBA live 09 work with emulator on PC?

no it cant

How do you get NBA 2k11 on your PC?

You can but the game. I doubt you can download it. Some websites have viruses. I suggest not to download.

Can you download NBA live 2006 on PC legally?

No, you must buy the game

Where can you download NBA 2K9 PC? or

How to install 2 FIFA 09 with patch and clear?

How do you download nba 2k11 for PC?

Download it thriugh websites, some websites contain viruses that are harmful to your computer. I wouldn't download through the internet i would just buy the game.

What is the website for NBA live 2009 in PC?

= What is the website for NBA live 2009 in PC? =

Where can you download smack-down vs raw 2009 for PC?

Smackdown vs RAW 09 hasn't been released on PC. Only on the PS2, PS3, XBOX 360, PSP and Wii. Therefore you cannot download it anywhere.

Will there be a NBA Live 2010 for PC?

According to Wikipedia there will be no release of NBA Live 10 for PC users... shame :|

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Will nba 2k11 come on PC?

It has already come out for PC.

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How can you download 08-09 games on an old PC?

probably the same as any other computer, but it will probably have lag or not be able to run right.

What are the controls for NBA Live 2008 PC game?

how to make 360 and other different dunks in NBA 2008 LIVE? how to shoot a jump shot on NBA live 2008 for PC?

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Is NBA live 2009 coming out for PC?

NBA Live 2009 will not be released on PC, as announced by EA Sports president Peter Moore.Moore has offered further comment on the future of the PC platform and appears to have confirmed NBA Live's return to the PC beginning next year."We are retooling these titles [on the PC] to take advantage of the online connectivity in a bigger and more meaningful way," Moore said today, noting that EA's usual sports offerings--Madden, NCAA Football, NBA Live, etc.--will reappear on PC in 2009.This is obviously very promising news after the announcement regarding NBA Live 09 a few months ago. It is unlikely plans will change in regards to NBA Live 09 but the news would seem to bode well for future releases. taken from ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------up to date roster downloads are available at

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