Dose kelly kelly love Jeff hardy?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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No he does not. Jeff Hardy as been in a relationship with Beth Britt for 13 years and they have a daughter together and have been married since March 9, 2011.

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I'm not sure, but she loves CM Punk. Kelly Kelly would probably love anybody b/c she loves being naked in front of random strangers.

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No they never dated! Jeff has been with his wife for 13 years.

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Q: Dose kelly kelly love Jeff hardy?
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Is Jeff Hardy going out with Kelly Kelly?

they were in a cople of macthes and fell in love out side of the wwe Candice had a divorce just to be with Jeff hardy but she never got a chance to talk to him she been looking for him ever since she came back from her engerie Person above you are a moron. Jeff and Candice were never in a match together, nor is CAndice divorced she and Dr. Ken are still very much married and have been since 2005 and Jeff is still with girlfriend of 10 years Beth Britt. What a moron. Candice is married and Jeff is in a long time relationship with a woman named Beth

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