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Mcnabb..... period

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Q: Donovan McNabb stats compared to mike Vick stats who's the better all around QB?
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Who is better Tom Brady or Donovan McNabb?

Donovan McNabb

Did Donovan mcnabb really get traded to the redskins?

yes mcnabb is in a better place now go SKINS

Who is better between Donovan McNabb and Ben Roethlisberger?

Ben = 2 Lombardi's Donovon = 0

Who is better Tony Romo or donovan mcnabb?

Donovan McNabb no doubt. He is clutch in playoff atmosphere and knows how to take some hits. Even after the crowd booed him in the draft he worked hard and got the Eagles to idk how many playoff runs. Romo will never be a good quarterback, lets face it.

Who's better Michael Vick or Donovan McNabb?

Well, Michael Vick is faster, and Donovan McNabb is a better thrower, but he also has speed Donovan had a better career because he almost won the Super Bowl and went to about 3 or 4 NFC championship games. Micheal Vick never has been to 1! If you really want to know who's a better player the answer is Donovan, because he has a bullet of an arm and can look for his receiver's. Yes, Michael Vick has gone to an NFC championship, it was when the Eagles played them in the 2004. The Eagles won and went to the Super Bowl.

Who will be starter QB for eagles 2010 season?

Either Keven Kolb or Donovan Mcnabb there's a better chance for Keven Kolb though.

Is Tony Romo Better than Donavan mcnabb?

Yes he is he has better arms than mcnabb

Is Brady better than McNabb?

Mcnabb because 1 tom brady has thrown more interceptions and 2 mcnabb has more passing yards

Who is better Ben Rothisburger or Donavon McNabb?

Well Ben Rothlesburger is bigger and is the deepest thrower in the league. Donovan is close when it comes to throwing and a much better scrambler. Ben won two Super Bowl. Donovan has accomplished a lot but lost one Super Bowl. Donavon is definitely a future hall of famer, Ben still has to earn his way to that rank. But Ben Is just a little better right now.

Who is better Joe Flaco or Donavon Mcnabb?

Donovan McNabb is better. Joe Flaco throws to excellent wide receivers, namely, Derrick Mason and Mark Clayton, and he hands off to a series of talented running backs, including Willis McGahee. When he's off the field, the defense forces constant turnovers. I think the Ravens have the league's #1 defense; if not, they certainly have the most turnovers. Meanwhile, Donovan McNabb must hand off to the perenially injured Brian Westbrook, or to various young, poor backups. He gained DeSean Jackson to throw to this year, but he still has not found a main wide receiver, and all the other receivers aren't any good. When he's off the field, the defense consists of young replacements for the old names, who make mistakes and commit penalties. As you can see, Flaco is supported by a team of stars, while McNabb is the sole carrier of his team. But despite this huge discrepancy, McNabb and Flaco both went to exactly the same place. Both were eliminated in the Conference Championships.

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