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334 against England in the 3rd test played at Headingley in 1930. It was then the highest ever score in a test.

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Q: Don bradmans top test score
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Only if you get the top score and add 10 to it. No valid IQ test can be given in 30 minutes, so I would be very suspect. The highest score on the so called "Novis Mental Ability Test," is 155. Many who have scored "off the scale" of a regular IQ test would test "low" on the Scientology created "Novis Mental Ability Test". It is not even accepted for membership in any of the High IQ Societies (such as MENSA or The HI Q Society).

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India - 417/2 vs Srilanka 2009 nov 24

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The highest score or points in a competions.

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