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no.even though if you weight more the force will be greater but it takes more force away to get you high in the air. Yes it does but it varies very much on the trampoline. Department store trampolines use shorter springs with less tension and light or heavy people will get about the same bounce. High end trampolines use long stiff springs and a 30 lb child will find it much more difficult to get any air compared to someone with 100+ lbs.

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Jumping is a great way to exercise, You can lose up to any amount of weight if you keep your heart rate up. It works out different parts of your body and is fun at the same time!

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Yes it improves cardio and endurance as well

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Q: Does your weight effect how high you jump on a trampoline?
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How does Gary Cahill jump so high?


What shall you have a trampoline or an inflatable pool?

trampoline all the way, you can do flips , jump high, and many other tricks.

How do you say lets jump on trampoline in asl?

In American Sign Language (ASL), you can sign "Let's jump on trampoline" by signing "TRAMPOLINE JUMP US" or "US JUMP TRAMPOLINE." This conveys the action of jumping on a trampoline together.

How high rebound mini trampoline?

With a running start, you can jump high enough to clear a six foot fence.

How do you use trampoline in the sentence?

Example: I like to jump on my trampoline.

Why can't you jump on the ground after jumping on a trampoline?

After jumping on a trampoline, your muscles are used to the trampoline's elasticity, making them unable to generate the same force on a non-bouncy surface like the ground. Additionally, the momentum you gained from the trampoline diminishes quickly once you land on the ground, making it difficult to jump immediately.

Describe an everyday situation between variables that is a function?

Te jump height on a trampoline vs. weight of a person

How do you jump higher on a trampoline?

swing your arms and jump

Who can jump the highest on a trampoline - the heavy person or the light person?

the lightest person because they have only got light bodies and fat people put all your weight on the trampoline by Emmathe heavier person because that person puts all his/her weight on the trampoline before jumpingby Sinead Canning

When you jump down on a trampoline and fly up in the air as a result?

This is due to the stored elastic potential energy in the trampoline mat and springs when you push down on it with your feet. When you release this energy by jumping, it propels you upwards, creating the bouncing effect. Your mass and gravity play a role in determining how high you can bounce.

How does a trampoline make you jump?

The bounce of a trampoline is impacted by the amount of trampoline springs and the size of the trampoline. The more trampoline springs that are featured on a trampoline, the higher and better bounce the trampoline will produce. Larger trampolines produce better bounces because they are able to have more springs, providing more elasticity to the bed and generating a better bounce.

What can make you jump higher?