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If a man has 10 fingers does that mean he is heterosexual? That is my answer.

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Q: Does white speedos and swim trunks indicate a gay guy?
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Why do male swimmers wear speedos?

Swim trunks are not very aerodynamic and they slow them down.

Is it ok to wear speedos?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to wear speedo. In the United States, most men will wear swim trunks or board shorts but speedos are also seen. If you like speedos there is nothing stopping you but yourself. (Word of advice, never wear a white speedo. See through!)

Should you wear your speedo or swim trunks to the beach?

Speedos are worn by swimmers for competition. If you feel comfortable wearing them at the beach, go ahead and wear them.

Do you wear speedos in France for swimming?

Speedos are compulsory in almost 99% of public swimming pools in France. I always wear speedos for swimming, not only in France. Speedos are more comfortable to swim than baggy short that give you the feeling to swim with a raincoat on.

Can any color tee shirt be worn with swim trunks?

No, a mans shirt needs to match his swim trunks. If a man has white swim trunks, he can wear any color shirt. Brown and black never go together. Also, black and navy blue do not go together.

Who makes the black and white striped swim trunks Matthew mcconahey wears?

RVCA brand

What does connor thorpe wear to swim?

he wears SPEEDOS in the BABY POOL to impress

What do professional swimmers wear?

Usually they wear speedos and swim caps for girls they wear a "onesie" and also a swim cap

Are speedos tight?

well yeah its to keep any unwanted water from filling up the speedos so swimmers can swim is also very sexy on males

How do you wire underwater speakers?

In swim trunks

What actors and actresses appeared in The Swim Trunks - 2012?

The cast of The Swim Trunks - 2012 includes: Ethan Frankel as Samy Rosie Fry Jordan Plutzer as Mark

Are there websites where I can make custom swim trunks online for my kids?

There sure are. You can make custom kids swim trunks at They have a wide selection and the prices are very reasonable.

Which is the best swim wear speedo or finis?

speedos are gross wear nothing!........or wear swim strunks wat ever u want

Do Male Teens and Men wear speedos in Australia Gold Cost?

yes if they want to swim fast

What is the best fabric to look for when buying men's swim trunks?

Spandex or Lycra is the best fabric for buying men's swim trunks as it can be stretched repeatedly and will still snap back to its original shape and length.

How much are Michael phelps swim trunks worth?

One of my turds

Do any swim trunks change color once wet?

There are no swim trunks that change color in the water by there is one that changes color indoor and outdoors called the Del Sol Color-Change Board Shorts.

What do people wear at the ocean?

Men wear trunks. They're like shorts but you can swim in them. Women wear a bikini and something that looks like trunks.

How do you get algae out of swim trunks?

Wash with a small amount of color safe bleach.

What was the internet origanaly called?

It was origanaly called the interline. Like in swim trunks.

Are there pictures of Derek Hough pantless?

not to my knowledge.. i mean there are a few of him in his swim trunks....

What is another name for a swimming suit?

There are many different names. Some include swim suit, bathing suit, and swim trunks.

Why do swim shorts have a lining?

I'm not sure but I think I just Logged on to the Internetting of my trunks

What should male swimmer wear?

Most male swimmers wear swimming trunks that are long. There are also some men that prefer to wear speedo swim trunks.

How fast do white bass swim?

how fast do white seabass swim