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no it does not, unless you happen to injure yourself in a way that it affects a growth plate

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Q: Does weight training stunt height growth?
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I know weight training can stunt your growth but can aerobic exercise?


Does weight vests stunt your growth?

Weight vests will not stunt your growth. A person's growth in all internal and it does not matter what types of items they have on them.

Do weight machines stunt your growth?


Why does lifting weights stunt your growth?

There is no evidence that weight lifting stunts growth. In fact, bones can become stronger from the exercise. Science has proved that weight training will not stunt your growth even if you start at as young as 10 years old. The real danger is if your not supervised and have bad form injuries may occur.

Does more sleeping stunt height growth?

NO NO NO that's when we GROW

Can lifting light weight with high intensity to failure stunt growth?

Lifting light weight with high intensity can stunt growth in children if used too early.

Does heavy lifting stunt your growth?

Heavy lifting will not stunt your growth. Your growth depends mainly upon eating a good diet. Smoking cigarettes is known to stunt the growth of a child, mainly because it reduces appetite and so leads to an inadequate diet.

Will doing weights at age 12 affect height?

I don't think any minor weight training will affect your height... however i recommend waiting until your 15-16 to start weight training and even then you should go very slowly and ask the advice of a personal trainer. No. It's a common myth that's been perpetuated for some time that weight lifting stunts growth. 12 year olds should certainly be supervised when lifting and instructed on proper form, but weight lifting done in good form should not stunt growth.

Do pushups and situps stunt growth?

No, weight training in general does not stunt your growth. This is a myth, as people thought the growing ends of the bone could stop if damaged, but this is undocumented. Pushups are very beneficial to kids and teens.

How does weight lifting stunt the growth of boys?

It doesn't. It's a commonly held myth. Normal, properly performed resistance exercise will not stunt growth in young people. Younger individuals should be carefully supervised when weight lifting, especially when attempting more complicated lifts with heavier weights. It's possible an injury resulting from improper use of weights could stunt growth, but it shouldn't be an issue if proper supervision and training is given.

Does crunches stop height?

human growth stop at about 16 - 18 years old ... working out be for you growth has stop can stunt your growth ...

If im 17 5 foot 4 and weight 160 and bench 320lbs will that stunt my growth?

In brief, no it will not. Besides, your height has already been determined through your DNA.