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no it does not i started lifting when i was 14 and i was 5/9 and now im 24 and 6/2 and i am well fit weight lifting and situps did not stunt my growth and all of my friends that i know same for them

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Q: Does weight lifting or sit ups stunt your growth?
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Related questions

Does weight lifting stunt your growth?

No, weightlifting does not stunt your growth. However, you should not start too early because you may injure yourself in other ways. It is best to wait until you have grown to your full capacity before you start some serious weight lifting. When you do start, you should start off with simple routines such as push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and jumping squats.

Do sit ups stunt your growth?

no, they stretch your abdomen

Can you stunt growth by doing to many push ups and sit ups?

I think so. because i found it from Google searcher

Should teenagers be build muscle?

yes you should try and healthly build muscle but dont push yourself to hard as it can stunt growth press ups and sit ups are good for exercise and muscle building as you are using your own weight and not using to much weight and straining yourself

What are some anaerobic activities?

Push-ups, sit ups, sprinting, weight lifting, baseball, racquetball, downhill skiing.

What can you do to burn fat?

You can run a lot, eat correctly, do stretches, push ups, sit ups, weight lifting, and pull ups.

Does working out without weights such as push ups pull ups sit ups etc. stunt a child's growth And at what age is it okay for them to begin lifting weights?

All of the above exercises are ideal for a child who is looking to develop his/her strength in regard to sports or other physical activities. Strictly speaking there are no age limitations for youth strength training. I would suggest that once your child is able to participate in organised sports such as football etc, then they should be able to begin lifting. (If your child can follow instructions and is mature enough to know that weight lifting can be dangerous.) Make sure to emphasise proper technique and slow range of movement, rather than the weight of the bar. This will help to reduce the risk of overusage injuries. Oh and to answer your initial question about the child's growth being stunted. There are no known cases of strength training causing a child's growth to be stunted. As long as you steer clear of performance enhancing drugs.

How would you lose weight on your tummy?

You can loose weight off of your stomach by doing various abdominal exercises. Some of the techniques that may interest you are: crunches or sit ups, cardio training and light weight lifting.

what kind of exercises can i do with weights?

There are many exercises you can do with weights, including weight lifting. Other than that, you can also lie down and do sit-ups with the added pressure of a weight to strengthen your core.

On a bright crisp morning Kyle can be found lifting weights running laps and doing sit-ups.?

lifting weights running laps

Do sit ups and weightliftng stop growth?

No. What can stop growth in an adolescent is an untreated growth plate fracture.Soccer, basketball, football, skateboarding, and bicycling are the five activities most likely to result in growth plate fracture. Sit-ups and weight training have never been directly implicated in any case of growth plate fracture.

What are the exercies of an athletes?

push ups sit ups and lifting wieghts

On a bright crisp morning Kyle can be found lifting weights running laps and doing sit-ups?

lifting weights running laps

What to do to get ripped abs at the age 15 fast?

hard work is te only 15 frm with weights since 13....THEY DO WORK and DONT STUNT GROWTH......sit ups ar the best way dude

What is an example of isotonic contraction?

push-ups, sit-ups, and the lifting of weights.

How does a 9-year-old get 6-pack abs?

Normally you can by doing crunches, running, biking, sit-ups, and many other things. Just don't lift weights over 3 lbs., because if you work out to much it could stunt your growth.

How do you get a six pack by lifting weights?

lots and lots of sit-ups and i mean hundreds

What are the componenets of physical fitness?

Cardiovascular Endurance (swimming) Muscular Endurance (crunches, sit ups) Muscular Strength (weight lifting, push up) Flexibility (yoga)

Does sit ups stops growth of children?


Is a chest press just like a bench press?

No it is not although it works almost the same muscles. Bench press is when you are on the bench laying on your back and lifting the weight. Chest press is when you sit on the bench and push the weight forward while your arms are parallel to your chest at a 90 degree angle from your elbows.

How can you exercise indoors?

Sit-ups,Push-ups,Jump-roping,Stretching,Lifting weights.

Does eating tuna make you stronger?

well all i can say in my apinion is that yes but only if you are working out with it like weight lifting or sit up and jogging this will help you become stronger and healthier

The components of physical fitness and the examples?

Cardiovascular Endurance (swimming) Muscular Endurance (crunches, sit ups) Muscular Strength (weight lifting, push up) Flexibility (yoga)

What sit up do?

Sit ups will help you lose weight and tone your stomach area.

What resorts will do if there is market growth?

the sit and wait for u