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Undertaker's (Mark Calaway's) contract will expire June 2, 2010. The WWE is trying to get a HUGE name wrestler to face Undertaker at WM in 2010 for what is being billed as "Taker's last ride." Could it be Steve (Sting) Borden? More to follow...

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Q: Does undertaker have a contract with WWE?
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What is the amount that undertaker charges the WWE per annum?

The undertaker doesn't charge the WWE anything! He is under contract.

Will the undertaker sign a new contract with WWE?

maybe not

Does the undertaker have a contract with vince?

Anyone who works for WWE or for the development territory have a contract

Who is the longest running WWE star under contract?

The Undertaker

Who return to the WWE on 2-21-11?

many folks believe that sting will be coming to the wwe other believe that it is the undertaker some people have token a very close look at this that the smoke reads sting but sting announced he will never sign a wwe contract. but sadly there was a leak that then undertaker will be returning so my guess is the undertaker

How long is Mark Calaway's current WWE contract?

as of 22nd april 2012 the undertaker has 3 months left

Is Undertaker fake?

no the undertaker is in the wwe.

Do you guys think WWE should resign undertaker to 1 year contracts every year so they can show him dead but once again returns?

Undertaker has not retired he is still under contract to WWE! He is taking time off for injuries

How long will Undertaker last at WrestleMania?

20-0 traditionally a wrestler will lose their final match, so he will probably go out on his back at his final wrestlemania!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- no he will never lose at wrestlemania because it's in his contract with wwe. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He'll probably lose to some jobber because that's how the wwe is lol ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the undertaker has a contract with wwe so the steak will never end he will stop when he will retired

When will the undertaker be coming to the WWE agen?


Where is dead man really what happened to undertaker if there is no undertaker in WWE you will stop watching WWE?

He is in a coma

Will undertaker come to wwe?

The Undertaker is currently with the WWE and is on a break. He should be returning very soon