Does turkey have basketball

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naww, they just held the 2010 fiba world championship there because they dont have a freakin Basketball team

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Q: Does turkey have basketball
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What country does basketball star m okur come from?


What is Allen Iverson contribution to society?

He is a professional basketball player in Turkey.

Where can you buy a Turkish basketball jersey?

for turkey, you can buy it from big Adidas stores, but for outside of turkey, i don't know where to buy.

Where to buy Turkish national team basketball jersey or Turkish basketball league jersey in Turkey?

i can get you an Allen iverson Turkish jersey email me at

What sports do they play in Turkey?

Well i know this, they play basketball professtionaly and Allen Iverson plays over there.

What TV channel is showing the FIBA world basketball championships 2010 in Turkey?

ESPN or Nba TV

Where was the Fiba basketball 2010 world cup held?

The 2010 Fiba world championship was held in Turkey. 24 nations took part, and the USA beat Turkey in the final.

What sports are played in Turkey?

The sports that are played in Turkey are: * Football * Weighlifting * Athletics (gymnastics) * Basketball * Volleyball * Sailing * Boat Trips * Scuba Diving * Rafting * Windsurfing * Fishing * Flying (gliding)

Who are the top countries of basketball?

USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, Russia, Lithuania.

Where was Jack Nicholson's born?

turkey turkey turkey turkey turkey

Where was Jack Nicholson born?

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Which country women team won gold in basketball?

In the 2010 FIBA World Championships, the United States defeated Turkey 81-64 in the gold medal game.

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