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Q: Does the winner of the Tour De France get a metal?
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What does the winner of tour de France get?


The last champion of the tour de France?

Carlos Sastre was overall winner for Tour de France 2008.

Who won the Tour De France in 1926?

Lucien Buysse, a Belgian,wasthe winner of the 1926 Tour de France.

What country was this years winner of the Tour De France from?


Maillot jerseys who are they awarded to?

To the winner of the Tour De France

What nationality was the tour de France winner in 2007?

It was Alberto Contador and he is Spanish

Is Andes the 7 consecutive winner in the Tour De France?

no,it is lance Armstrong

Which American is the seven-time winner of the Tour de France bicycle race?

Lance Armstrong

Who is the winner of the most Tour de France races?

Lance Armstrong with a total of 7 wins.

Who was the last overall tour de France winner to win atop mulhouse?

Faustian coppi

Who is seven time tour de France winner?

Lance Armstrong from USA

What does tour de mean in english?

"Tour de" basically means "tour of". So tour de France = tour of France.