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Cape Town contain thick air density due to being at low altitued Hit Golf ball with 8 iron for distance 120 m Johannesburg contain thin air density due to being at higher altitued Hit golf ball with 8 iron for distance 130m Therefore increase 10m on each iron when visiting JHB to play golf

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In theory, the lighter the head the faster the club head speed= more distance. However, if heavier weights are placed in the right spot the better placed the centre of gravity is so the further the ball goes.

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yes, the hotter the ball the softer it becomes it will then affect the COR (coefficient of restitution)

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yes it dose if the weather is cold then it will go farther and if its cold then you already lost 2 yards, plus of far you can hit the ball

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Q: Does the weight of a golf driver club head affect far the golf ball travels?
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