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undertaker is a texan.He was born in Houston and presently lives in Austin

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Q: Does the undertaker live in Tennessee?
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Where does undertaker live?

Franklin, Tennessee death valley

Does WWE wrestler undertaker live in Tennessee?

no. he lives in Houston, Texas.

Where does undertaker and Kane live?

Character-wise- The Undertaker lives in Death Valley, Kane lives in Parts Unknown In real life- The Undertaker lives in Houston May 2010 Actually Taker lives in Austin, Texas, he was born and raised in Houston, Texas Kane live in Knoxville, Tennessee,

Where does the undertaker live in huston?

the undertaker doesnt live in houstan,he lives in bastrop,texas.

Do armadillos live in Tennessee?

They are not really seen in Tennessee,but some do live in Tennessee.

What state do undertaker live in?

The undertaker lives in Death Valley which is in California

Can peacocks live in Tennessee?

peacocks can live in Tennessee but they live near the smokey mountains which is in Knox county

Where does the Undertaker live?

The Undertaker is billed from Death Valley. He resides in Austin, Texas.

Does undertaker live in graveyard?


Does the porcupine live in Tennessee?

Yes, certain species of porcupines do live in Tennessee.

Were does the undertaker really live?


Do bobcats live in Tennessee?

Bobcats live in the Tennessee area. Wolves formerly lived in Tennessee but, bobcats and foxes have always been in the area.

How does undertaker live?

The Undertaker lives like a normal person. The term of " The Dead Man" is an act made by the WWE.

Where dose the undertaker live?

death valley

Where does WWE superstar undertaker live?


What part of Texas does 'The Undertaker' live in?


What city does the undertaker live in?

Austin, Texas

Where do the WWE superstares live?

the undertaker is from Texas

Where does the wrestler The Undertaker live in Wichita Kansas?


Does undertaker really live in Death Valley?

yes he does live there because he is evil

What is the funeral home called that the undertaker lived in?

Undertaker did not live in a funeral home, it was A storyline Spider-Man Funeral Home

Where do Tennessee Walking horses live?

TWH originated from Tennessee, but now they live all over the world.

Does Myron Howell live in Tennessee?

Yes, he lives in Tennessee.

Were in Austin Texas does the undertaker live?

in central tx

Where does undertaker from wrestling live?

death valley California