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No it does not.

It is all about the placement of your foot and your leg strength

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Q: Does the type of shoe affect the distance on the soccer ball?
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Does wearing a cleat the shoe or bare feet affect the distance of a soccer ball gors?

nobody knows if you just test it out you'rself and see

Does the type of shoe you wear affect how far you kick a soccer ball?

I'm not very sure, but when you play soccer, you should wear soccer cleats that fit you well.If u want to see which type of shoe u wear it depends on ur strength of ur leg

What year did the Brazilian soccer player Romario win both the Golden Ball and The Bronze Shoe?

It was in 1994.

What is a shoelace kick in soccer?

when you kick the ball on the top of your foot between your toes and ankle, on top of your shoe laces

Does the type of shoe affect jumping or distance?

Yes, it can affect the distance that the athlete is jump.Why?Because the force that you apply on your legs transfer the the lowest part of your body,your feet,and if your feet are not properly suited that can affect the distance.

Weight of soccer shoe?

it madders what size the shoe is.

What is the gripping sole on a soccer shoe called?

The gripping sole on a soccer shoe is called a cleat.

What do a soccer shoe look like?

ABOVE: Soccer Cleat ABOVE: Soccer Shoe. Soccer Shoes normally have a flat bottom for indoor purposes.

What is the name of the soccer shoe?


Why does it hurt when you kick a soccer ball?

you may be kicking it wrong. make sure you are kicking with the shoelace of your shoe's. it can be what type of shoes you're wearing

What is the difference between a football shoe and a soccer shoe?

The difference is the weight. Soccer shoes are way lighter than football shoes.

What is a shoe shine in basketball?

It is when you check the ball you check it to there shoe

What speed soccer shoe do you get?

Nike Mercurial of course.

Where can I find some soccer running shoes?

Any shoe store should have soccer running shoes. If a shoe store does not have soccer running shoes, then it is probably a store that only takes in and sells donations.

Who is the golden shoe rewarded to it is a football shoe?

the golden shoe, or golden boot is awarded to a soccer/football player who has the most goals in a tournament or season. No it is not a shoe.

How do you tie your soccer boots?

You Just Tie The Laces Together, Just Like You With An Ordinary Shoe!But tie them a tad tighter because it gives you a better feel for the ball

Does What type of shoe you wear effect how far you kick a soccer ball?

Yes soccer shoes are best with the way the shape is designed while tenis shoes arent very good due to the clublike shape and large laces

How does the force of friction affect a slipping shoe?

By slowing down the shoe.

What is the biggest shoe size in professional soccer?

15 or 14

What part of the body is used to kick a soccer ball?

Usually, when people kick the soccer ball they turn there hips and use there legs muscles to kick the ball. It depends if you kick with your left foot you lean back and use the left side of the body, but if you use your right foot, you lean back and use the right foot. :)

Is it harder to become a soccer player with shoe size 13 than with shoe size 9?

Not at all there are a huge number of soccer players and rugby players with size 13 feet.

Name the worst kind of shoe to wear in a maraton?

Anything that isn't a long distance training shoe. Unless you're Kenyan, in which case a distance racing shoe might be acceptable.

What is the best Nike indoor soccer shoe?

nike 5 zoom

What is the Average shoe size professional soccer player?


What size shoe did lucille ball wear?