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The thickness of you racquet grip won't affect your play much. But, if after you have played a game and your wrist hurts, it means that your grip is a bit too thin. So get a thicker grip.

Generally the thicker your grip the more control you have over your shots. It varies depending on how you play.

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Q: Does the thickness of my badminton racquet grip affect my play?
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Different parts of a racket?

There are three parts of a tennis racquet. The part that you hold is the "grip". Above the grip is the "neck". Someone who holds their tennis racket by the neck is said to be "choking" their racquet; this is not the correct way to play. The part that you hit the ball with (and the largest part of the racquet) is called the "head". The part makes up the head is the "rim". As for a badminton racquet, I would assume that it's very similar.

What are the 2 parts of badminton grip?

The 2 parts of badminton grip are replacement grips and overgrips.

Should you use grip tape om your tennis racket?

Grip tape is needed to have good tension with your racquet, the better you can hold the racquet the better of your game

What are 3U and G4 in badminton racquet?

Although the actual specification may vary according to the manufacturer, the general designation concepts are the same. The U and G is commonly used by Yonex. The U specifies the weight of the racquet. The lower the number, the heavier the racquet. 2U, 3U, and 4U racquets are common. The G specifies the grip size. The higher the number, the smaller the grip size. G3, G4, and G5 racquets are common.

What is a good badminton racquet grip to buy?

head, Wilson ,yonex Towel grips are good for few times but after that it becomes pretty hard so it's like gripping a dry towel

What grip is used for playing grip badminton?

A synthetic rubber, or similar.

What are the 2 types of grip in badminton?

Thw forehand grip and the backhand grip. you're welcome.

What is the purpose of a racquetball glove?

It is used for identification of the players from afar, it can also be used for enhanced grip on the racquet and it is used for moisture absorption to stop the sweat/rain loosening the players grip of the racquet.

What is grip size on tennis racquet?

grip size on tennis rackets is the diameter of the handle on the bottom of the tennis racket.

How many grip are there in badminton?

There are only 3 grips :Penhold grip,Shakehands grip and minor grips :D

What does a hand grip of a badminton racket made of?


Why does a badminton player shuffle his shoes in resin?

to get grip

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