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No the losing team does not get a World Series ring.

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Q: Does the team that loses the World Series get a ring?
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Does the losing team of the world series get a ring?


Does the losing team in baseball get a World Series ring?


Does the team that loses the Super Bowl get a ring?

No they do not get a ring only the winner

Does colby Ramses get a World Series ring?

Yes Colby Rasmus will get a World Series ring. Everyone who played for the team at any point in the season will win a ring. Cardinals releiver Arthur Rhodes was traded from the Texas Rangers during the season, which means he would have received a World Series ring no matter what team won.

Does everyone on your team get a ring or just you?

Not just one player gets a ring. That wouldn't be very fair since the whole team worked together to win the World Series. Even teammates who didn't play at all in the World Series will still get a ring if their team wins.

Who is eligible to receive a world series ring?

everybody associated with the team and winning the games

Does a bat boy also receive a World Series ring?

no It is up to team management who besides the players themselves receives a ring.

What ranger player will receive a world series ring no matter what team wins the world series?

Who won the most World Series titles?

Team: New York Yankees have won 27 World Series titles.Player: Yogi Berra of the New York Yankees has a world series ring for each of his fingers.

Do the loser of the NBA finals get a ring?

Yes the team that loses the nba championship game gets the conference championship ring not as big or nice but a ring is a ring I guess...

What is the biggest deficit from which a baseball team has come back to win the World Series?

In the 2004 World Series, the Boston Red Sox came back to win the ring from a 3-0 deficit.

What are the World Series Championships team by team?

Click on the 'World Series Winners' link on this page to see how many World Series each MLB team has won.

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