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Does target field have real grass

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Q: Does the target field have real grass or artificial grass?
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Is the Colorado coors field grass or artificial turf?

Real grass

Is 2010 Super Bowl being played on artificial grass?

Real grass is used on this particular field.

How does artificial grass compare to real grass?

Artificial grass can have the same look and feel as real grass but saves on water consumption. In dry areas this works really well. The cost however of artificial grass is much higher than real grass.

Is land shark stadium real grass or artificial?

The Landshark Staduim in Miami, happens to have a field made of real grass, which is grown at the Greg Norma Turf Farm in Avon.

Is the HHH Metrodome real grass of turf?

Artificial Turf.

Are there artificial lawns which feel the same as natural grass?

Artificial lawns somewhat feel like real grass but they aren't naturally grown.

What does artificial grass do?

Artificial grass is commonly used in sporting venues as an alternative to real grass. It does not require maintenance such as mowing or watering and has now become popular for residential lawns.

Is American football on artificial ground?

Some football fields are artificial turf and some are real grass.

Which is better artificial or real grass?

real grass takes a lot of work and uses a lot of water due to sprinklers and when it dies in one spot its almost impossible to bring it back but it looks a lot nicer than artificial grass so i think u should get real grass

Does University of Akron's new stadium have real grass?

No it will be the same artificial style that is in the field house and practice field as well as what they currently play on at the rubber bowl. It is synthetic but looks kind of like grass with crushed rubber to make it a little softer and give bounce like grass

Is there a kind of grass that needs no mowing?

Artificial grass doesn't need mowing. Because it's not real grass it never grows.

Is grass in olympic soccer field natural?

yes ,it is real.

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