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Q: Does the super bowl get more viewers then the Stanley cup?
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Which has more viewers the Daytona 500 or the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl.

Who has more viewers the world cup or super bowl?

the super bowl, mostly for the commercials

What region had more viewers for the super bowl?


Does the Super Bowl or the World Series have more viewers?

The Super Bowl usually has more watchers , as it has millions of viewers nationwide. The World Series may have more, however, depending on the number of games in the MLB Chamionship.-JF

What event has more viewers Wrestle mania or the super bowl?

The Super Bowl has more viewers than Wrestlemania. 19 of the top 20 most viewed programs in the history of US are Super Bowls.

What event has more viewers the champions league final or the Super Bowl?

It is the Champion League.

Does the super bowl or the champions league final hove more viewers worldwide?

Based on the current ratings system, The Super Bowl still ranks as the worlds most watched single game sporting event. However in 2009 the UEFA drew a record 109,000,000 viewers, surpassing that years Super Bowl, which has an estimated audience of 106,000,000 viewers.

Does the Super Bowl or the World Series of Baseball have more viewers?

i think yes because it is more important then the reglar baseball/football games

What do people watch more the Rose Bowl or the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl.

What cost more a commercial for Super Bowl or Olympics?

super bowl

What do more people watch the super bowl or the Oscars?

super bowl

Does the Super Bowl 2012 have more vies than Manchester united vs Chelsea on that same day?

If you mean views: I'm 90% sure. Yes, Superbowl has much more viewers.

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