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U of H has a good football team

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Q: Does the state of Hawaii have major sport teams?
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Who are Hawaii's major pro sport teams?

Of the four major north American sports, basketball football hockey and baseball, Hawaii does not have a team to represent them.

What are some sport teams from Hawaii?

Hawaii County(Basketball(NBA))

Hawaii's professional sport teams?

they do not have a pro sports team so far.

What are some sport teams in hawaii?

the college football team the rainbow warriors

What are Montanas major sport teams?

Montana does not have any professional sports teams

What are Manitoba's athletic teams?

hockey is the major sport

What teams in major sport are tigers?

sri lanka

Professional sports in Hawaii?

No, there are currently no professional sport teams from Hawaii. However, they do have PGA tournaments at some of the golf courses in hawaii.the only teams r the university of Hawii athletic teams.

How many teams are there in all the major sport leagues?

32 football teams NFL

How many sport teams are in California?

California has exactly 22 major sports teams.

What are some of Hawaii's state sports teams?

Rsinbow. Warriors

What is the national sport teams in Nevada?

nevada's a state-not a country.

What state has the second most professional sport teams?


Alaskas major sport teams?

Ancorage Seawolves, Fairbanks Nanooks and i will add later

What are the major sport teams in Georgia?

Atlanta Thrashers are a professional Ice Hockey team.

What are Idaho sport teams?

There's the Boise State Broncos, Idaho Vandals, and the Idaho State Bengals.

Which state has the least sports teams?

Probably Hawaii, north or South Dakota, Idaho and Maine

Did Hawaii have an NFL team?

No Hawaii teams for the NFL.

What sport teams start with Y?

The Yankees (New York Yankees) are a Major League Baseball team.

What are the major sport teams in new york?


Does North Carolina have any major sport teams?

Carolina panthers, Charlotte Bobcats, and the Carolina Hurricanes

What are some major MLB teams in Maine?

None in the state of Maine.

What are the sport teams are in Oregon?

The Portland Trail Blazers, the Oregon Ducks, and the Oregon State Beavers.

How many pro sport teams are there in California?

18 professional sports teams in California. 8 more than any other state

What is the state sport teams in Arizona?

There are a number of professional sports teams in Arizona. These include the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Phoenix Suns, and the Arizona Cardinals.