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Q: Does the snuggle bar prevent the axle from breaking when a car goes over a bump?
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Make sentence with the word axle?

When the car was backed up over the bump, the rear axle was damaged.

What is a bump stop?

a bump stop is a rubber placed in the shock absorber piston to prevent it form bottoming out.

Why does your front tire wobble and makes noise when you hit a bump?

axle damage causes wobble

Why does a axle break in a car?

Overload? Bad carrier bearing? Severe bump? Metal fatigue? (age)

How much of cocaine is in a bump?

A "bump" is really just a means of snorting it. Instead of breaking up a line and snorting that, a bump is just a smaller amount of cocaine that you can put on the edge of a key for example and snort it.

If you scrape your car on a speed bump and it is leaking what are the possibilities?

Radiator, engine oil, trans fluid, fuel line, axle oil,............

What causes a metal grinding sound from the rear a car when going over a bump?

It actually can be from the rear axle being too low to the ground. The back of the car hits the speed bump. That was the case with my bro's car anyway

Who put the bump in the bump she bump she bump?

YOU put the bump in the bump she bump she bump

On a 1990 Chrysler Lebaron what besides the motor mounts could be rattling everytime you go over a bump?

check the pipe that goes thru your axle.

What is a bump?

A bump is a lump like, for example, a bump on your skin or a bump in a road.

What was the classical song that sounds depressing the beat goes something like this bump bump bump bump bump ba ba bump bump bump bump bump ba ba ba ba bump bump bump bump I think its by JS Bach?

Jimmy Castor Bunch - "The Bertha Butt Boogie" is the name of the song. You're Welcome ! or maybe surfin burd by i dont know

Can you remove torsion bars from your vw bug front axle I wish to lower it several inches?

If you remove them,you will be sitting on your bump stops. You should be able to adjust them and get the drop you want.

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