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Q: Does the server have to wait for opponent to be ready in tennis?
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The ready position for table tennis?

The ready position is a neutral starting position from which all table tennis strokes can be played. Whenever you are receiving service in table tennis you should take up the ready position. It's also the neutral position which you should try to return to after playing your stroke during a rally. From this position, you are able to watch and wait to see what your opponent will do and be ready and able to move in any direction.

What must the receiver wait for during the serve in tennis?

the receiver waits for the server to serve the ball

How many seconds does a server have to serve the ball?

there really is no limit, but it is disrepectful to make your opponent wait too long

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They will be saved on the servers of the receiving user's email provider. For example, say I send a message to The email is sent to the servers at, where it will wait until my friend logs on to receive it. Even if my friend were logged on at the time I sent the email, it would always pass through this server before reaching him. This transmission of email from the sender to the recipient follows a process called "Store and Forward". A single email message passes through several, maybe dozens of servers before it reaches its destination. Each server stores the message until it the next server is ready to receive it, at which time the server forwards the message to the next server along the chain. The last server in the chain (the server you download your email from) stores the message until your email client application program is ready to receive it, at which time the server forwards the stored message to your computer.

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It depends on traffic...

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