Does the proto slg operate on CO2?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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A proto slg can use CO2 or HPA. I contacted DYE tech support because their website says it can, but the manual says no. Their reply was "All SLG's are able to be used on CO2. Only being able to use High Pressure Air is a misprint in the manual. It might have been copy and pasted from our other manuals. Since all of our other markers cannot use CO2." So, yes, you can use CO2

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Q: Does the proto slg operate on CO2?
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Can a 9Oz paintball tank be used with an 09 proto slg?

You should use HPA with a Proto SLG.

08 proto matrix rail paintball marker or proto matrix slg ultralite or spider vs3?

Proto SLG all the way. Stay away from the spyders.

Can a proto slg shoot automatic?


What is the barrel bore size for the proto slg?


What kind of battery do you need for your proto slg?

9 volt.

What barrel thread does a proto slg use?

The threads are autococker threads. All proto and dye guns have autococker threads.

Can you use any proto barrel on the proto slg basic?

Yes, as long as it is Auto-cocker threaded, any barrel will fit.

Can you change the board on a 09 proto slg basic to the board on the 09 Proto slg UL board?

Sadly no. The Ultralight board will only work on the Ultralight frame. If you are looking for a good board though, maybe look into virtue boards.

What is better a Piranha GTI or a proto slg?

Although both is decent for the price, the SLG is better. If you have money for the SLG, go for it, otherwise the Piranha GTI is good enough.

How much does the proto slg 2009 paintball gun weigh?

2 lbs. 2 oz

Is the dye proto SLG 2009 semi automatic?

yes, also has a couple other modes

You have a Sp vibe and you were thinking about an proto slg basic instead what should you do?

If you are thinking about getting a better gun because you have been playing for a while (which is what i am guessing) then go with the proto slg and sell the vibe. The proto slg is a good gun for the price and has all the modes you would need on it and is pretty accurate. Another good gun that is around the price is the azodin blitz. It is a good cheap gun that i have been playing with for about a year and 4 months and it has not failed me yet.