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It provides good athletics.

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Q: Does the people to people soccer program provide good athletics or is it just a travel program?
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Does cu have soccer?

If you are refering to Colorado University then for women yes. They have a womens soccer program that is fairly decent. I don't belive that there is a mens soccer program.

What is difference between athletic and athletics one has S?

A person is athletic. So that is an adjective of the word person. For example: She plays soccer and is very athletic. Athletics is a noun and means sports in general. For example: Our school athletics are soccer, tennis and baseball.

What does program de futbol mean in English?

football (or soccer) program

What are the top 5 sports in Britain?


What are all the popular sports in Greece?

The most popular are football(soccer) and athletics

What sports do they play in Frace?

SOCCER, Rugby, Tennis, Athletics to name a few

What is a soccer or football youth club?

One soccer or football youth club would be the P.A.L Program. It stands for Police Activity League Program.

What types of sports are played in Chad?

Soccer, Rugby, Martial Arts, Boxing, Athletics, and Fishing

What are the official top 5 sports in the UK?

football (soccer) rugby tennis cricket athletics

What are 5 Olympic sports?

Athletics - Track and Field Swimming Table Tennis Soccer Boxing

What are the five most popular sports in barbados?

cricket, basketball, football (soccer), athletics, volleyball

What classes do you have to take in high school to become a average soccer player?

Most schools do not have formal classes associated with soccer. At best, high schools may have after school athletics programs that include soccer.

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