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It is extinguished at the closing ceremony of each Olympic Games. The torch is initially lit, by the Sun's rays that are concentrated by a mirror, at a ceremony in Olympia, Greece several months in advance of an Olympics. The relay then takes the torch to the site of the Olympics where the cauldron is lit with it.

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Q: Does the olympic torch go out after every olympic games or does it stay lit til the next one and so on?
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Where is the Olympic torch going next?


When will the Olympic torch be lighted again?

next olympics

Where and when is the next Olympic games going to be held?

every 4 years

What year is the next Olympic games?

The Olympic games come every 4 years. So therefore, the next time the Olympics come on is in the year of 2016.

Who follows after Greece in the Olympic procession every year?

the next Olympic games will be held in London in 2012.

Where is the next Olympic games after Beijing?

After the olympic games in Beijing the next olympic games are in London, England in 2012

What are the children walking next to the flag bearer carrying in the Olympic parade of nations?

Parts of the Olympic torch.

What is the olympic torches purpose?

the Olympic torch stands for the sighns of peace, purity and reson when lighted the torch will travel from the last Olimpic games to the next and will go into a bigger toch then the big flame will never get put out until the games are done then it will start all over again

Were is the next Olympic games held?

The next Olympic games is held in London in 2012

When will the next olympic games held?

The next Olympic games will be held in Londen 2012

When will the next Olympic games be in the US?

The next United States Olympic Games will be decided by the National Olympic Committee.

How many years are there until the next olympic games?

The Olympic Games happen every four years. The last Olympics was held in 2008. Therefore, the next event will be in 2012 in London, UK. --Added by AJMinNJ-- While the first poster is right that the next Olympics is the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, their explanation forgot about the Winter Olympic, which are also held every four years, but are offset from the Summer Olympics by 2 years. So after the 2012 Summer Games, the next Olympics will be 2014 Winter Olympic Games, not the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

What years do they have summer olympic games?

Every 4 years. The next year the summer games will be held will be 2012.

When is the next Olympic game and where?

The next olympic games will be held in 2012 in London.

What is the Frequency of the Olympic Games?

The Olympic Games are every four years. There is a winter Olympics and a summer Olympics. The next summer Olympics is in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

Where will the next Olympic games be held after the 2010 Olympic games?

new caladonia

What coutry will host the next olympic games in 2012?

The next Olympic Games will be held at the United Kingdom, London.

Where is the next Olympic games after London?

The next Olympic Games will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016.

What is the next Olympic year?

The next olympic year is 2012, when the Olynpic Games will be held in London, and be the Summer games.

Why did Sir Steve Redgrave pass on the olympic torch to seven young athletes rather than lighting the Olympic fire himself?

Symbolic of the games in that it inspires a generation. It is passing the mantle to the next generation.

What is typically handed over by the host city to the next organizing city at the closing ceremony of the Olympics Games?

This is not suprising and is very obvious but is actually the Olympic torch

How often is the olympic games?

every two years (alternating in summer and winter) i believe that the next olympic games are in 2010 and in Vancouver ( during winter ) hope this helped, Cassie sassie

Where is the next summer Olympics games?

The next Olympic games are the 2012 Games. They will be held in London.

Is Brazil hosting the next olympic games?

Yes, they are hosting the next Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janerio, Brazil

Does an Olympic gold medallist automatically qualify to the next Olympic games?