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He (or someone with the ball) does have to touch the base, unless they changed the rules since I played.


In Little League thru Triple A Baseball the Umpires will not allow the 2nd Basemen to get away with not touching.

However, in the MLB, there is a form of lexi non scripta (unwritten law) in which the umpires will grant leniency to the player if he is in the motion of turning a double play. This started to become commonplace in the 90's and in 2011 it is common accepted practice for the 2nd basemen to merely straddle the bag rather than actually touch it. It discourages the runner from forcing impact into the legs of the basemen.

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Yes. But often it appears as if they take their foot off the bag before they catch the ball. They do that to get away from the path of the runner so they can make a strong and accurate throw to first base.

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Q: Does the middle infielder have to touch second base on a double play?
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