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yes it definitaly can but its best to get one your size, one to small or to big can make the ball not go as far.

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Q: Does the mass of a baseballbatt effect the distance a baseball travels?
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Why does the size of a soccer ball effect the distance it travels?

nothing effect

Does air pressure effect the distance a soccer ball travels?


- Does the air pressure of different balls effect the distance?

does air pressure affect the distance a soccer ball travels

Does the size of a soccer ball effect the distance it will travel?

The bigger the ball, the farther it travels.

Who has done the experiment of the surfaces on an inclined plane have the effect on the distance a toy car travels?


Does stitching effect the distance of a soccer ball?

No this is simply to hold the ball together, it does not affect the distance the ball travels in any way.

How does increasing the mass of an object affect the distance the object travels?

In zero gravity, the mass of an object does not effect the distance an object travels at all unless there is a constent force acting upon it. However, if it is in contact with another object, and gravity is what keeps the 2 or more objects touching each other, then mass will effect the distance it travels because of friction.

How does the temperature of a youth baseball bat affect the distance that the ball travels when hit?

There is a trampoline effect when a ball hits a bat. The warmer the bat, the more the bat is able to contract and expand to create this effect. The colder the bat, the less able it is to create the trampoline effect.

Dose the wind have an effect on the distance a softball can travel?

yes..."As a softball flies through the air, the air pushes back against it, resisting its motion and decreasing the distance the ball travels."...that is why

What happen to light as it travels?

As light travels, its wavelength can lengthen or shorten causing it to appear more red the further it travels or more blue if it has traveled a shorter distance. This effect, combined with various chemical spectral identifiers, can be used to determine the distance the light has traveled, giving a rough estimate to the location of its source. changes in wavelength is called redshift(when wavelength is increased) and blueshift(when decreased). redshifts and blueshifts are attributable to the Doppler effect

Does distance effect a magnets activity?

it does effect the distance because it is far

Does the temperature effect how far a ball travels?

Yes it does, in cold weather the ball doesn't go as far, in warm weather it goes further, but not by a massive distance.

Does weight effect how far an object travels?

in simple terms yes it does effect how far an object travels but it depends how it is traveling what gravity its traveling in and so on.

What does the Doppler Effect provide evidence for?

The Doppler effect proves that sound travels in waves.

Find the velocity in meters per second of a baseball thrown 38m from third base in 1.7s?

A baseball travels under the effect of the force of gravity so its velocity is constantly changing. It is, therefore, not possible to give a sensible answer to the question.

Does the length of a golf club effect the distance the ball travels....How?

yes longer clubs have decreased loft. also longer clubs will generate faster club head speed.

When light travels from air to glass it changes direction what is the name of the effect?

The effect is named "refraction".

Does the angle that an arrow is shot effect how far it travels?


How does water effect sound?

Sound travels faster in water.

What effect does water have on sound?

Sound travels faster in water.

How does distance effect accuracy?

how does distance affect accuracy

Does ball air pressure effect kicking distance?

Yes, ball preasure does effect kicking distance.

A place's distance from the ocean has a great effect on its?

A place's distance from the ocean usually has a great effect on its climate.

How does stitching effect the distance a soccer ball will travel?

How does stitching effect the distance a soccer ball will travel?

Does the angle at which something is launched effect the distance it travels?

Yes because if you shoot something strait up it will land near where you shot it, but if you shoot it strait out at the same force, it will go further away.