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No, they do not.

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Q: Does the losing team in the NBA Finals also receive rings?
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What years did the Detroit pistons win thery're rings?

1989,1990, and 2004. They also played in the 1988 NBA Finals losing to the LA Lakers and the 2005 NBA Finals losing to the San Antonio Spurs.

Does the losing team of the Super Bowl receive rings?

Yes, the losing team from the Super Bowl does receive a Super Bowl ring. It is half the cost of the winning teams Super Bowl ring. Many players choose not to wear the ring because it symbolizes defeat. The losing team also receives 150 rings for players, coaches and staff. By rule, the cost of the rings may not exceed half of the cost of the winners' rings.

How many championship rings for lamar odom?

He has two. The 2009 NBA Finals win for the Los Angeles Lakers and the 2010 NBA Finals Win, also for the Lakers.

What cup does NBA win?

Its Just Called The NBA Finals Championship...The Winners Win Championship Rings Also.

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers also receive Conference Championship rings along side their Super Bowl rings?

No. Only the losers of the Super Bowl get the conference championship rings.

In Football when a team goes to the Super Bowl even if they dont win they get a ring right?

Yes. In addition to the ring given the to winner, the NFL gives a ring to the Super Bowl losing team as well. The losing team also receives 150 rings for players, coaches and staff. By rule, the cost of the rings may not exceed half of the cost of the winners' rings.

When is the last time the Anaheim Ducks made it to the Stanley Cup finals?

The Ducks played in the 2002-2003 season Stanley Cup finals against the New Jersey Devils, losing in seven games. They also played in the 2006-2007 season Stanley Cup finals, defeating the Ottawa Senators 4 games to 1.

Have Sweden won any world cups?

No. Their best ever performance in the world cup was as runners up in 1958, when the finals were held in Sweden. They lost to Brazil in the final (5-2). They have also come third on two separate occasions - Brazil 1950 and USA 1994. They have also never won the European Championships, but again their best performace came when they hosted the finals in 1992. They reached the semi-finals before losing 3-2 to Germany.

How many championships does lebron have?

1 championship. He also won the NBA finals MVP. In the 2012 NBA finals.

Did Slovenia played in World Cup finals?

Slovenia reached the World Cup finals in 2002. They will also be participating in 2010.

How do you tell if piston rings are bad?

The engine will be losing compression, and possibly burning oil. Check each cylinder to determine the compression. The loss could also be caused by a valve problem.

Can the Chicago Bulls win the NBA Finals?

Yes. Derrick Rose is going to lead the Bulls to the Finals,and I also believe that Ben Gordon will be a better defensive player eventually. He is also a good player. I believe that the Bulls will win the Finals.

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