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A longer club will in principle develop higher clubhead speed, which will produce greater distance. It's harder to control, so if it leads to more off-center contact then that faster clubhead will less efficiently transfer energy to the ball, resulting in less distance.

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Q: Does the length of a golf club affect the distance you can hit the ball?
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Why does the length of a golf club affect the distance the ball will go?

Hitting a ball far depends mainly the loft a club has, club head speed and hitting it square on the face. But longer length makes your club head speed higher to hit it farther but you lose control.

Is a wedge the longest golf club?

As in length of club, no. As in distance it is used to hit the ball, no.

Does the length of a golf club affect the distance the ball travels?

To a certain extent yes. In theory, the longer the shaft, the greater the distance is between the pivot, which is the hands, and the club head. Therefore more momentum can be generated.

Do the dimples on a golf ball affect distance?

Not really. Dimples are designed to give the ball stability during flight. The club and the core of the ball determine distance.

Does the length of a golf club effect the distance the ball travels....How?

yes longer clubs have decreased loft. also longer clubs will generate faster club head speed.

What is most important in golf ball distance the velocity of the club or the mass of the club?

mass of the club

Can you move a ball out of a puddle in the fairway?

Yes you can move the ball a club length to the side

Does the length of a golf club affect the distance you can hit the ball Web?

Yes. It's simple physics, to an extent, the further the force is applied away from the pivot (the hands) the more force is generated. The maximum length of a golf club is 48 inches. It does depend which loft is on the club. Consider two identical drivers, one with a 44 inch shaft and one with a 48 inch shaft, the 48 inch driver would hit the ball father.

Can the club affect the golf swing?

Yes, Weight And Length Are Important.

Does the temperature of the golf ball affect how far it travels when hit by a golf club?

yes, the hotter the ball the softer it becomes it will then affect the COR (coefficient of restitution)

Does the weight of a golf driver club head affect far the golf ball travels?

In theory, the lighter the head the faster the club head speed= more distance. However, if heavier weights are placed in the right spot the better placed the centre of gravity is so the further the ball goes.

What does the actual length of the golf club determine?

Distance. The longer the shaft the wider the arc during a swing which translates to more club head speed which translates to more distance.

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