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Q: Does the impost weight include the jockeys weight?
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What is the lead weight carried by jockeys in a handicap race?

The lead weights are put into the saddle pad in order to add weight to that of the jockey so they meet the impost set forth by the racing secretary. The impost is a weight assigned in handicapping races in an attempt to equalize the chances for all of the horses in the race. "Better" horses are assigned higher imposts.

What is the lead weight carried by the horse in a handicap race to supplement a jockey's weight?


What is the lead weight carried by horse in a handicap race called?


What is the name of the lead weight carried by a horse in a handicap race?


What is the lead weight carried by a horse in a handicap race to supplement the jokeys weight called?


What do horse jockeys weight?


What was the Impost of 1781?

what is impost tax

How do jockeys keep their weight down?

They watch what they eat / drink, and get plenty of exercise.

How much do horse jockeys weigh?

they don't have to be they are normally because less weight makes them go faster

What is an impost?

a tax; tribute; duty.

Who runs the weighing room?

The Clerk of Scales is the official (under the Racing Secretary's Office) who "runs" the Jockeys Room, weighing the jockeys out before a race and reporting any discrepancies in their weight to the stewards. His job is to make certain the jockeys are at or under the legal weight for that race's (and their mount's) allowance. The Clerk of Scales also notes and reports any changes of jockeys or of silks, and provides the Paymaster of Purses with a list of riding fees due each jockey that day. This is also the official who can be seen in the Winner's Circle after the race, recording the weight of every rider (and his gear) after he or she dismounts, to make certain no "weight was dropped" after the jockey's pre-race weigh-in.

Why do jockeys have to be small?

Jockeys need to be small because that means that they are light weighted. They need to be light weighted so the horse doesn't have a lot of weight to take on. This makes the horse be able to run as fast as it can with being in control.