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Q: Does the golfball off the green hit first if the golfball on the green is further?
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Did Neil Armstrong hit a golfball on the Moon?


What happens when you hit a golfBall in water?

when you hit a golfball in the water, and you cant get it out, you drop another ball from where you hit the one into the water. Do not drop the ball any closer to the hole. This will be a penalty shot for dropping a ball. Say you had played your 2nd shot when you hit your golfball in the water, the next shot you would be hitting would be your 4th shot beacuse dropping a ball is one penalty shot.

How can an elephant have the same momentum as a golfball?

If the golfball is going extremely fast, it can work up a huge momentum. For example, it would probably rather be hit by a ball going very slowly than one that was fast-pitched by a major-league baseball player, because the slower one would not hurt as much. So if the elephant was walking very slowly and the golfball was shot out of an air-soft gun, the golfball would have more momentum.

What is the tool used to place a golfball?

I think it is called a tee but that also holds the golf ball in place until you go to hit it with the golf club.

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Green Days hit single is Basket Case

What player hit the first home run at Fenway Park?

The first home run was hit on 4/26/1912 by Hugh Bradley over the Green Monster in left field.

What does it mean to get a hole in on when playing golf?

A hole in one is when you hit the golfball from the starting position into the hole with one hit. So say you just finshed a hole and you going to your next, Well now your about to hit the ball and you give it a good whack then you hear the ball you just hit make it into the hole. That is a hole in one.

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first chart hit was 'Long View', which went to number 36 in June 1994 i think they have a few good songs on their album 21st century breakdown

If you hit a golf ball and get stuck in a tree what do you do?

get yourself unstuck from the tree, and hit the ball on the green.. get yourself unstuck from the tree, and hit the ball on the green..

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