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Aston Villa are based in Birmingham. It is only if they are playing teams from London in away matches that they play in London, or if they got to a Wembley final.

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Q: Does the football club Aston Villa play in London now?
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Does Aston villa fc come from London?

No Aston Villa are a Birmingham based club in the Aston area

Which city does the football team Aston Villa come from?

Aston Villa are based in Witton, Birmingham.

Which football club is best?

aston villa

What is Aston Villa's Twitter handle?

The official twitter handle for Aston Villa football club is @AVFCOfficial.

What football league club is alphabetically 2nd?

Aston villa

Who moved from Birmingham City football club to Aston Villa?


Which football club won the league in 1994?

Aston Villa football club won the league in 1994

Which football club has provided England with the most players?

Aston Villa

What premium football club does he support Prince William?

Aston Villa

Who wears number 11 shirt for Aston villa football club?

Gabriel Agbonlahor.

What is nick name of Aston villa football club?

They are known as the Villans or less known as the Lions.

Where is villa park situated?

Villa Park is located in the West Midlands region of England, near the city of Birmingham. It is the home ground of Aston Villa Football Club.