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The Olympic symbol (five interlocked rings) represents the union of the five original major continents (Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe) and the meeting of the athletes from throughout the world at the Olympic Games. The five colors of the rings from left to right are blue, black and red across the top and yellow and green along the bottom.

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Q: Does the five Olympic ring mean the first five people in the Olympics?
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What country was the Olympics flag introduced?

The five-ring Olympic flag was first formally used in the 1920 Belgium Olympics.

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Did the ancient Olympics have the five rings?

The five Olympic rings were not designed until 1913. There were no Olympic rings associated with the ancient Olympic Games.

The Olympics flag has five of these?

The Olympic flag has five rings. These rings, along with their five different colors, represent the international flavor of the Olympics. Specifically, they represent the colors on the flags of the participating countries in the 1912 Olympics.

What do the rings on the Olympic flag represest?

the five continents that take part in olympics

How many Olympic sports have been in the past five Olympics?

103 events

What are the mascots for 2008 Olympic games?

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Is there any Bangladeshi athletes in the 2012 Olympics?

There was five athletes in the 2012 olympic

When were women allowed to play in the olympics?

The first Olympic Games to include female athletes was the 1900 Olympic games in Paris. Twenty two women competed that year in five sports events.

How many types of Olympics do you have now?

There are five types of Olympics which are- 1-Summer Olympics 2-Winter Olympics 3-Paralympics (for disabled people) 4-Youth Olympics 5-Special Olympics

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