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Yes, look on actionvillage or any other paintball store for an e-trigger or rocking trigger

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No it does not the mounting systems are close but not the same

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Q: Does the e triger from a spyder vs2 fit the mr1?
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What is a better gun the spyder vs2 or the azodin blitz?

Azodin is, in general, able to make better quality and longer lasting markers than their Spyder counter-parts, because of their improved design. This particular model, the Blitz will perform the same, or probably better than the VS2 with slightly less cost.

How popular are spyder vs3s?

not nearly as popular as the vs2, the problem with the 3 is that crazy rocking trigger they put on it. it teaches bad form and is no faster than a standard trigger

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Which is a better paintball gun the vibe or the spider vs2?

I currently own both. The Vs2 is heavier, and doesnt have the upgrades of the Vibe. But the Vs2 has an Regulator, Two-piece barrel and a Tightening Feed neck, which would cost you about 100 extra atleast to put on the vibe. But, it only has Semi and 3-round burst. Also, you can only use N2 on the Vs2 while you can use CO2 on the Vibe. Personally, I prefer the Vs2. But, possibly go with the Ion or Proto SLG for a little extra. They are both better overall.

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