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The R-76 is NOT scopable so a Red Dot will NOT fit on it.

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Q: Does the crosman red dot sight fit on the crosman pulse r76?
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Does the crosman red dot sight fit the pulse r76?

ya it does it fits the dpms panther arms red dot too

Does the Crosman red dot fit the 1377?


Will a well r8 airsoft gun's red dot sight fit on a pulse r74 airsoft gun?

Yes, but you should have rail mount base attached on the upper receiver of your pulse R74 first.

What HI-CAP m4-m16 airsoft MAG will fit in a crosman pulse dp4?

None. The Pulse DP4 is an LPEG and is notcompatiblewith any other brand but Crossman.

Does a core 30mm red dot sight fit on the tippmann project salvo?

Yes, all scopes that fit on the 7/8 rail will fit on the salvo.

Can a Classic Army AK series grenade launcher fit a Crosman Pulse R76 airsoft gun?

Anything is possible it you have enough money and a talented machinist.

Can you modify a Crosman 459-MTC mount to fit a Crosman 1400?

Cost prohibitive

Will a core 30mm red dot sight fit a project salvo tactical?

Yes, any scope with 8/11 rail attachments.

Will a Crosman 357 .177 Pellet Pistol fit a Bianchi 111 Cyclone Revolver Holster?

The Crosman 357 is modeled after the COLT PYTHON. If the Python fits the holster, then the Crosman 357 may also fit. Your just going to have to try it.

What scope do you buy for airsoft p90?

FN P90 is a CQB (Close Quarter Battle) weapon. The barrel is short (also in the in the airsoft version) so it will not be effective at long range. You don't need scope. You need a red dot sight. Get an Aimpoint M2 (the most common red dot sight for P90), Holosight 551, or reflex sight. Those will suit for function and fit for the look of your P90.

What is normal pulse rate?

Fit people have a resting pulse rate of 70 or less. The less fit you are, the higher your pulse rate.

Is a pulse rate of 58 bad?

It is not considered bad, especially if you are very fit, your pulse at rest can be low.