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Yes, when a fumbled ball goes out of bounds, the clock is to be stoped.

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Q: Does the clock stop if a player fumbles the ball and the ball goes out of bounds?
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When thown out of bounds when does clock stop?

When the ball crosses the out of bounds line.

Can a player who is out of bounds direct the ball back in bounds and continue play?

No. Once the ball touches a player that is out of bounds, the ball is considered out of bounds.

If a player is out of bounds and another player throws the ball off him who is it out on?

The player that is out of bounds when the ball touches him.

How many seconds does a player have to get the ball in bounds?

A player has 5 seconds to get the ball in bounds.

If a football player falls BACKWARD out of bounds does the clock stop?

Only if he has the ball.AnswerYes. The clock always stops when the ball goes out of bounds. It doesn't matter how it got there. Wrong - Although I don't feel it is a good rule, in college football if a player steps out of bounds going backwards and does not display a foward advance while carrying the ball the clock keeps running.

When the ball is ran out of bounds does the clock always stop?

No it depends on if it is a running clock or not.

What happens if a team fumbles the ball into the opposing team's endzone?

As unfair as this may seem, if it fumbles into the endzone then out of bounds, the other team gets the ball as a touchback. if it's recovered by the offense then it's a touchdown

If a kick off returner fumbles the ball in the end zone still in play then steps out of bounds can he come back into the endzone and down the ball?

If a player who was out of bounds steps back in and downs the ball, it would be a touchback, and the ball would be spotted on the 20-yard-line. However, that player would get penalized for illegal participation, bringing the ball back some.

Does the clock stop in the last two minutes of a game when someone goes out of bounds?

the clock stops whenever the ball goes out of bounds . Time on the clock makes no difference

If a basketball player goes out of bounds can he come in bounds and be the first player to touch the ball?

yes as long as he doesnt touch the ball when hes out of bounds

If tennis ball hits player when the player is out of bounds?

If the tennis ball hit the player, even if the player is out of bounds, then the opponent gets the point.

If a defensive player intercepts a ball at his own one yard line then fumbles out the back of his endzone is this a safety or a touchback?

If a player fumbled the ball into and out of bounds in his own endzone after making a pass interception on his 1 yard line, it is an automatic safety.The impetus is on the player who fumbled.

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