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there are many reasons as to why the catcher has to be behind home plate and NOT play the infield or out field here are a few ...

the catcher gives the signs to the pitcher ( what to throw)

if theres no catcher the 3rd strike will be dropped ( the batter will take 1st easily)

the cather will frame the ball ( make it look like a strike)


Actually the only fundamental reason you need a catcher behind the plate is --- if you do not, then nobody will be in the "catcher box" and this will be a balk on the catcher, meaning you pitcher can never throw a strike because every pitch will be illegal --- other then that you would probably really upset the Home Plate umpire. I guess if you wanted absolutely no chance of winning (because your pitcher cant get anyone out if every pitch is illegal), then you can stick your catcher wherever you want --- all the other things mentioned above is good too, but those are not THE REASON you cannot have a catcher, because even if your catcher doesnt do those things when he is behind the plate your team will be ok (i.e little league catchers dont do most those things)

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Q: Does the catcher have to catch pitches or can he act as another infielder or outfielder when the bases are empty?
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Why does the hind catcher tell the pitcher what to throw?

There is more than just one reason that the catcher calls the game. One reason is that most of the time the catcher is more familiar with the opposing hitters. Since the catcher is also aware of what pitches are working that day for his pitcher, it makes more sense for him to call for pitches that will keep the opposing hitters of balance. Many times the pitches are signalled in to the catcher from either his manager or pitching coach. This allows the pitcher to consentrate only on what his catcher is calling.

Which catcher has allowed the most wild pitches in 2010?

Jose Molina

What is the linking verb in this sentence He's wild when a pitcher pitches and a catcher catches?

is He's = He is

Do catchers call the pitches in MLB?

Some catchers are allowed more leeway to call pitches by their managers than others. But usually pitches are called by the manager or pitching coach and relayed to the pitcher by the catcher.

What a catcher gives a pitcher?

A catcher tells the pitcher what kinds of pitches to throw. Also, if the pitcher throws a bad pitch, the catcher can prevent the keep the ball close to prevent any base runner advancements.

What player on a baseball teem is considered to be the quarterback?

The catcher because they call the pitches and make lots of the decisions

What is your grade if you miss 1 out of 17?

As a percent your grade is 94% which would be an A in my classes. If you are a baeball catcher and miss 1 out of every 17 pitches, I would look for a new catcher.

Pitchers pitches the ball is pitched bounces off catcher and gets stuck in the umpires equipment do runners advance?

no dead ball

How do you do stealing in baseball?

You start running when the pitcher pitches the ball and then you make it to the bag before the catcher can throw it to the base you are trying to steal.

What is a Another name for musical sounds represented by notes?


What are Tim Lincecum's pitches?

One of the Giants' major rivals, outfielder Matt Kemp of the Los Angeles Dodgers, was once asked which pitcher in baseball he feared most. His response: "Lincecum. He's got that fastball, curve and nasty [changeup]." The hard-throwing right hander also has a slider and a four-seam fastball in his repertoire of pitches.

When you are a catcher and warming up how many pitches do you catch before throwing to second?

Wait for the umpire to say, "Ball's in, Two more, Three more...." etc.