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not unless its a drop kick or a drop penalty kick.

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Q: Does the ball have to touch the floor when the ball is knocked on in rugby?
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Can you touch the ball in rugby?


Can a rugby ball be knocked backwards by the opposition to prevent a try?

yes in rugby you can drop, throw, kick or pass the ball backwards at any time

What is a knock on in rugby league?

When you're an idiot and can not catch a ball. It's when the ball is knocked forward because you're an idiot.

What is the name of the goal in Rugby?

a try is when the ball is touched over the try line. a goal is when the ball is kicked between the post from the ground. a drop goal is when the ball is dropped from the hands and kicked through the post .. the ball must touch the floor ...

Does a game of touch rugby start with a roll ball?

no it starts with a kickoff.

What type of ball do they use in rugby?

a rugby ball a rugby ball a rugby ball

Can you play a rugby ball forward with your hand?

no its classed as a "knock on" and a scrum to the opposing team is given If the ball is deliberately knocked forward then a referee can issue a penalty

What is the name of the rugby ball?

rugby ball

Where did the word touchdown come from?

football is the child of rugby. When you score in rugby you would have to touch the ball down to the ground, hence the word touchdown.

What is touch step?

Step-Touch-step in any direction on one foot by putting all your weight on it and touching the floor with the ball of the foot, Touch drag or touch kick ball.

In rugby league if a player kicks the all into touch from kick off does that team keep the ball?


Which ball is bigger a rugby ball or an American baseball?

A rugby ball

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