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The laws state that;

'Kicked directly into touch' means that the ball was kicked into touch without landing on the playing area, and without touching a player or the referee.

'The 22' is the area between the goal line and the 22-metre line, including the 22-metre line but excluding the goal line.

The line of touch is an imaginary line in the field of play at right angles to the touchline through the place where the ball is thrown in.

The ball is in touch when it is not being carried by a player and it touches the touchline or anything or anyone on or beyond the touchline.

The ball is in touch when a player is carrying it and the ball carrier (or the ball) touches the touchline or the ground beyond the touchline. The place where the ball carrier (or the ball) touched or crossed the touchline is where it went into touch.

The ball is in touch if a player catches the ball and that player has a foot on the touchline or the ground beyond the touchline. If a player has one foot in the field of play and one foot in touch and holds the ball, the ball is in touch.

If the ball crosses the touchline or touch-in-goal line, and is caught by a player who has both feet in the playing area, the ball is not in touch or touch-in-goal. Such a player may knock the ball into the playing area.

If a player jumps and catches the ball, both feet must land in the playing area otherwise the ball is in touch or touch-in-goal.

A player in touch may kick or knock the ball, but not hold it, provided it has not crossed the plane of the touchline. The plane of the touchline is the vertical space rising immediately above the touchline.

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not unless its a drop kick or a drop penalty kick.

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Q: Does the ball have to touch the floor when the ball is knocked on in rugby?
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Can you touch the ball in rugby?


Does a game of touch rugby start with a roll ball?

no it starts with a kickoff.

Can you play a rugby ball forward with your hand?

no its classed as a "knock on" and a scrum to the opposing team is given If the ball is deliberately knocked forward then a referee can issue a penalty

Who came up the name touchdown?

It comes from rugby, where a player has to literally touch the ball down in the end zone for the score to count. American football -- which evolved from rugby -- originally required players to touch the ball down, too. The rule was eventually eliminated, but the name of the score stuck.

Where did the word touchdown come from?

football is the child of rugby. When you score in rugby you would have to touch the ball down to the ground, hence the word touchdown.

In rugby league if a player kicks the all into touch from kick off does that team keep the ball?


What is touch step?

Step-Touch-step in any direction on one foot by putting all your weight on it and touching the floor with the ball of the foot, Touch drag or touch kick ball.

What direction must the ball must be passed in rugby?

The ball must be passed either in line with the ball carrier OR as is normally seen to the rear of the ball carrier. A ball thrown forward, dropped forward of the carrier or knocked forward of the ball carrier is a penalty offense

Which ball is bigger a rugby ball or an American baseball?

A rugby ball

What is a touch judge in rugby?

A touch judge runs along the touch[side] line observing play. It is up to him to see when the ball is in touch and where the ball goes into touch for line outs. The touche judge may also see off the ball incidents the main ref does not notice and can help in decision making.

What kind of ball is used in rugby?

Its a rugby ball

NFL Why is it called a touchdown when you don't?

American football is derived from an English game called Rugby Union. In Rugby the equivalent to a touch down is called a try. To score a try you have to "touch the ball down" on the ground.