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Yes; hot air takes up more space, so there would be more pressure on the inside of the ball.

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Q: Does the air temperature in a basketball matter whether its cold or hot?
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Is cold a matter?

Cold is not a matter, it is a characteristic of a matter (a low temperature).

What temperature does a basketball bounce higher in hot or cold?


What is the homophone for temperature?

cold, coaled weather, whether

The measure of how hot or cold matter is?

Temperature is measured in

What is the chemical formula of cold water?

Water is H2O no matter what temperature it is, hot or cold. H2O Cold

A physical property that tells you how hot of cold matter is?


How do you use the word Whether at the beginning of a sentence?

"Whether the weather is hot, whether the weather is cold, whatever the weather, no matter the weather, whether we like it or not" ... "Whether or not you do it doesn't matter" "Whether you believe me or not isn't up to me"

How much calories does cold water have?

Water has no calories no matter what the temperature is

What is the meaning of temperature?

The meaning of temperture is it measures how hot or cold matter is.

Does the temperature effects the bounce of a basketball?

Yes the Temperature does effect the bounce of a basketball. If your playing outside in the cold, the ball will not bounce as high as it would inside a gym. If the Temperature is pretty decent then the ball will bounce how its supposed to.Alright!!!!

Why does the upper layer feelso cold even though the temperature is very high?

the temperature does not matter because there is no gravity

What temperature can black labs swim in?

Same temperature as white labs, or all labs for that matter. General rule - If its too cold for you its too cold for your dog

What are all animals called that usually maintain the same body temperature whether it is cold or warm outside?

cold blooded

Does matter have heat energy when it is cold?

Because molecules in matter are always moving, virtually all matter has some heat energy, even when it seems cold to you. Matter that seems cold is merely not as hot as objects near it, or as hot as your hand. It still has temperature and thus heat energy. As long as its temperature is above -459.7°, it has heat energy.

Does temperature affect density?

no it does not matter how hot or cold it is ----------- The density is strongly dependent on temperature, especially for gases ! A heated gas has a lower density than a cold gas.

Why temperature is important for state of matter?

for you to be neither cold neither hot just normal

A physical property that tells you how hot or cold matter is?

The physical property that tells you how hot or cold matter is, we call temperature. Temperature consists of random motion on the atomic or molecular scale. Faster moving particles have higher temperatures.

What is the temperature in an ice hockey arena?

just as cold/warm as in any other arena (e.g. Basketball, concerts ...)

Why does a basketball shrink in the cold?

It's just like a balloon. The air expands in one temperature, and shrinks in another.

Is 100 degrees hot or cold?

That will depend on the temperature scale used whether in Celsius or Fahrenheit

Is 36.0 Celsius considered having a fever?

No, that is actual a little cold for human body temperature. It would matter who it is that is running this temperature because some fevers can be cold fevers.

How does the color of your clothing affect your body temperature on a cold day?

It doesn't matter whether or not it's cold. Only if the sun is out is when it matters what color affects your body temperature. When the sun rays hit white, it bounces off. But when it hits black, it gets soaked in. And since energy contains heat, your body temperature will rise if you have a dark shirt on in the sun.

Which travels faster heat or cold?

Heat is energy (of motion), this can 'travel' from 'warm to cold'.Cold is a temperature (absolute or relative to surroundings with higher temperature) and can NOT travel.Temperature is a property of matter, it is not (a kind of) energy.(The same is with 'warmth')

How cold is it in space?

Absolute zero.0 Kelvin-273C-460FSpace does not have a temperature, because it is more or less devoid of matter and heat is a phenomenon that only exists in atomic matter. The temperature in space are absolutely zero making it to be very cold.

What causes things to expand and contract?

Temperature!! Heat causes the medium (matter of sort) to expand, and cold causes it to contract. Hence why you need cold temperature for gases to become liquids.