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No, they receive a smaller replica of it to keep.

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Q: Does the Wimbledon winner get to keep the trophy?
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Does the winner of the mens Wimbledon final keep the trophy or does he get a replica?

He gets the replica.

Does the winner of Wimbledon Tennis singles actually get to keep the Cup and if not is his name inscribed on it?

The winner does not get to keep the trophy they get a smaller replica of it to keep and they do print the winners names on it.

Why does the winner bite the Wimbledon trophy?

This is not a Wimbledon tradition but a tradition that Nadal has started for all of his wins.

What is the Wimbledon trophy made of?

The Wimbledon trophy is made of sterling silver.

Does the winner of the French Open get to keep the original trophy?


Who is the 1953 Wimbledon winner?

1953 Wimbledon winner?Vic Seixas

Who was the first Indian to win Wimbledon trophy?

The winner of the event was Spencer Gore, who noted that the tournament would not continue for long. He was proved wrong!

Who was the oldest first time winner of Wimbledon?

Spencer Gore was the first winner of Wimbledon in 1877.

What is the name of the trophy the winner of the Daytona 500 receives?

The trophy is called Harley J. Earl Trophy. This is the trophy the winner gets.

Who was the last British winner of Wimbledon?

The lat British winner of Wimbledon was Sarah Virgina Wade in 1977.

Why do they bite the Wimbledon trophy?

This is not a Wimbledon tradition. Rafael Nadal, 2008 Wimbledon Champion, bites his trophies after he wins.

Who one the 1985 Wimbledon title?

The winner of Wimbledon in 1985 was Boris Becker. The women's winner was Martina Navratilova.

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