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Yes, they have taken place every four years since 1896, barring such disasters as World Wars One and Two.

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every four years

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Q: Does the Olympics happen every two years or four years?
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How often is Olympics?

The olympics happen every four years

How often summer Olympics happen?

Every four years starting in 1896.

Why isn't there a summer 2010 Olympics?

Because each Olympics (summer or winter) happen every four years. These are alternated so that an Olympics happens every two years

How often are the summer Olympics?

The Olympics are held once every fourth year.

What happens once every 4 years?

Some things that happen once every four years include: - Leap Years - US Elections - The Olympics

What frequency are the olympic games held?

The Olympic Games are every four years. There is a winter Olympics and a summer Olympics. The next summer Olympics is in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

When are the Olympics?

Every four years

How many summer olympic occur in a year?

The summer Olympics happen every FOUR YEARS so does the winter

Who said the Olympics would be held every four years?

Who was said to have named the olympics and decided that they should be held every four years?

Are the Olympics on every four years?

There is an Olympic Games every two years, alternating between Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics.

How often do the winter Olympics occure?

The Winter Olympics occur every four years.According to, the official website of the Olympic Movement, Olympic Games are held every four years.

The winter Olympics occur how many years?

There is a winter Olympics every four years.