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Yes, the NFL uses 2 types of balls. The kickers and punters use a different ball than the regular game ball. The kickers ball is easier to kick and travels a little further.

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Q: Does the NFL use a different football to kick and punt than they do to pass and hand off to players?
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In football is it legal to kick the ball out of a players hand?

Yes, that is a fumble.

How do you explain how football is played?

football is played when 2 teams of eleven players kick a bal around and try to kick it into the goal.

Why do football players kick for an extra point?

Because it is in the rule book

Is it a penalty for a football players foot to cause a fumble?

If the 'kick' is intentional, it is an illegal kick penalty. If it is unintentional, it is a fumble.

Where do football players stand at the start of a match?

Before the Kick-off players stand in there half i.e The half in which their Goal-Keeper is.

In college football if a players foot hits the ball causing a fumble is a penalty?

If the 'kick' is intentional, it is an illegal kick penalty. If it is unintentional, it is a fumble.

How do the American football players start the game?

a coin toss to determine possession, followed by a kick off

Is it easier to kick a soccer ball with soccer cleats with tennis shoes or bare footed?

A football cleat is used to kick the ball as it offers proper grip, strength and balance to the players. Naturally, it is used by football players. However, many local players play bare-footed as it allows them great control of the ball.

What is the sport that you kick a ball?

You can kick a ball in a few different sports, such as American football, soccer and rugby.

How far back for a free kick in football?

All players must be at least 10 metres away from the ball.

Who kicks the football in football?

In soccer: All players kick the ball. In Australian football, all players kick the ball. In the rugby codes, it is mostly the 'running players' (the 'backs', rather than forwards). Even then, among the backs, more often the Full back or the centres will kick for touch. __________________________________________ If you are talking about American Football, only the punter and field goal kickers kick the football (unless I am forgetting any...). Usually the punter "kicks off" to start the game, or after a score, or after halftime. The punter also "punts" the ball on 4th down if the team wants to punt, and the field goal kicker kicks field goals when the team wants to.

How do you kick a football?

Click on the 'How to Kick a Football' link on this page to learn how to punt and kick field goals.

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