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No, the IOC does not pay medal winners.

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Q: Does the IOC pay Olympic medal winners money?
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Who has won Olympic medals in tennis?

Tennis has been an Olympic sport since the games' inception in 1896 at Athens through 1924, and then from 1988 to the present day. For a list of medal winners, click on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) link, below. On that page, click at least one item from each line in the "STEP 1: COMPULSORY FIELDS" section, and then select "Tennis" in the "SPORTS AND EVENTS" box in the "STEP 2: OPTIONAL FIELDS" section, then, optionally, select any other fields in "Step 2". Then, click the red "Search" button to find that list of Olympic medal winners in tennis.

How do they decide which countries play which in various Olympic sports?

The IOC, International Olympic Committee draws from short straws, then they have a full, head-on pinata party to celebrate the top 13 winners.

Why do we have a Olympic flag?

The Olympic flag is to represent the IOC. The IOC has been working for years and century!

Interational Olympic committee abbrev?


What does ioc stand for and who is the president of the ioc?

international olympic committe

Is French not the official language of IOC?

Yes, French is an official language of the IOC and of the Olympic games. This is because of Pierre de Coubertin, the Frenchman who revived the Olympic games and founded the IOC.

Which city that has been home to the IOC since 1915 and houses the Olympic Museum received the title of Olympic Capital in 1933?

The home of the IOC and Olympic Museum is Lausanne, Switzerland.

Who decides what is or is not an Olympic sport?

The IOC - International Olympic Commitee.

Who oversees the Olympic Games?

The International Olympic Committee (IOC)

What does a country have to do to host the Olympics?

In order to host the Olympics a country needs to have money, power, people and land. The IOC (international Olympic Committe) will make their decision from there! Hope that helps =] In order to host the Olympics a country needs to have money, power, people and land. The IOC (international Olympic Committe) will make their decision from there! Hope that helps =]

Who organizes the Olympic Games?

IOC (International Olympic Committee) organizes the Olympic Games

Who pays the Olympic American winner?

The IOC, International Olympic Comittee.

Who decides who hosts the Olympic Games?

The International Olympic Committee IOC

Who won the Olympic gold medal in 1997 for Tae Kwon Do?

No one. There were no Olympic games in 1997. In 1996, the Olympic Games were held in Atlanta, Georgia, but taekwondo was not an Olympic sport that year. Taekwondo had been a demonstration sport at the 1988 and 1992 Games, but the International Olympic Committee (IOC) had decided not to include demonstration sports at the 1996 Games. Taekwondo became a full-fledged medal sport at the 2000 Games in Sydney. it also appeared as part of the 2004 Games in Athens and the 2008 Games in Beijing. Several controversies lead to speculation that taekwondo would be dropped from the Olympic roster, but the IOC voted to keep taekwondo as a part of the 2012 Games in London and the 2016 Games in Rio.

How is volleyball an Olympic sport?

Sports bodies apply to the IOC for inclusion and it's then voted on by the IOC council.

What is the abbreviation for the International Olympic Committee?

IOC is the abbreviation for the International Olympic Comittee.

What is ioc stand for?

International Olympic Committee

Who cancelled the olympic games in 1916?

The IOC.

What is the abbreviation for International Olympic Committee?

It is the IOC.

What does IOC stant for?

International olympic committee

Who chose the ioc?

International Olympic Comitte

International olympic committee abrev?


Is lawn bowling an olympic sport?

Lawn bowling is not an Olympic sport, but it is recognised by the IOC.

Why are there two bronze medals awarded in olympic wrestling?

Because the IOC decides not to have a bronze medal match in that sport. It is usual for people in combative sports to not have to fight again after losing therefore after losing a semi-final there is no fight-off for the bronze medal.

Do award winners receive any cash prizes?

Medalists do not receive cash prizes from the IOC or Olympic organizers, however some countries, including the US and Canada, reward their country's medalists with cash prizes.