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Yes. It was used for the first time in 2009.

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Q: Does the Centre Court at Wimbledon have a retractable dome?
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Does the Louisiana Super dome have a retractable roof?

No it is a full dome but I do believe there new stadium will have a retractable roof

When was The Dome Leisure Centre created?

The Dome Leisure Centre was created in 1989.

Is Lucas Oil stadium a dome?

No, its a retractable roof stadium.

What is a baseball dome?

A baseball dome is a stadium in which the roof is closed. Some are permanently closed and some are retractable.

Does Minute Maid Park have a retractable dome?

Yes, Minute Maid Park is Houston's first retractable roofed stadium.

Do the colts play in a dome?

Lucas Oil Stadium is a retractable roof stadium.

Was Texas stadium supposed to be a rectractable dome?

No! They didn't have retractable roof stadiums in the 70s.

What NFL teams play in a Dome?

These are all The NFL Teams that play home games in Domes : Atlanta Falcons = Georgia Dome New Orleans Saints = Louisiana Superdome Saint Louis Rams = Edward Jones Dome Minnesota Vikings = Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome Detroit Lions = Ford Field And these Stadiums have retractable roofs : Houston Texans = Reliant Stadium Arizona Cardinals = University of Phoenix Stadium Indianapolis = Lucas Oil Stadium Also note that The Buffalo Bills play home games at Ralph Wilson Stadium (Not a dome), but will play eight games over the next five seasons (starting in 08 season) in the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario - Canada, which is a Dome and also has a fully retractable roof. The Rogers Centre was formerly known as The SkyDome. The future home of The Dallas Cowboys, scheduled to open before the 2009 NFL season is a Dome with a fully retractable roof.

Is paul brown stadium outside or covered?

PBS is an outdoors stadium; no roof, no retractable dome

What is the first retractable dome roof stadium?

The SkyDome in Toronto Canada. Home of the Toronto Blue Jays.

How many football teams have indoor stadiums?

Eight teams have indoor stadiums - Detroit, Minnesota, Atlanta, New Orleans, St. Louis, Arizona (retractable), Indianapolis and Houston (retractable). Dallas was a planned retractable dome that was never finished.

Do the Dallas Cowboys play in a dome?

Cowboys Stadium, where the Dallas Cowboys play their home games, has a retractable roof. So when the roof is not retracted it then becomes like a dome.

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