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Yes it does when you are a freshman in college .

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Q: Does the 5 yr window to compete in NCAA sports start when you enroll in college as a freshman without participating in sports or does it start the semester you start playing?
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What is a red shirt freshman?

This term is related to college sports. The governing body for college athletics is the NCAA. College athletes are eligible to compete for up to five years, however, most sudent-athletes choose to graduate in four years. When a college freshman gets injured prior to their first college sports season or if they are not prepared to compete at the college level as a freshman, they have the option of red-shirting. This is a formal registration process with the NCAA which allows the athlete to preserve a year of their eligibility.

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If you have 2.6 GPA as of your junior year but a 3.4 GPA for your senior year and do well on your SATs can you get into a good college?

Yes! The sad truth is that once you have one semester of college course work completed your high school grades and test scores are no longer a consideration. University administrators only care if you are able to do the course work. Which tells them more about your abilities??? high school work or college work? Personally I didn't learn anything in high school and didn't even graduate at the top half of my class and it hasn't hindered me at all. If you don't get into the university/college you want the first year just "bloom where you are planted" and then you can transfer later. Transfer students have it a lot easier than first time freshman's trying to compete with every other applicant. My advice, don't even stress about it.

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Can someone play on a college team if they do not go to that college and the college they attend does not offer that sport?

No. By rules, they must compete in their school sponored athletics.

How can one be eligible for the NCAA Clearing House?

The NCAA Clearing House is now the NCAA Eligibility Center. To become eligibleto compete for NCCA one must apply and be approved before their freshman year of college. Before college the following must be attained, high school and all core courses must be complete. The applicant must also have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and minimum qualifying score for ACT or SAT.

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Can a college athlete compete four years in one sport and a fifth year in a different sport?


How many us college football teams compete for the national championship?


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College dude

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